Bollywood always keeps us enamoured, whether it be with its opulence, the exotic locations, creating the biggest and most expensive films, its scandals or whatnot.

Amongst all those things, one factor that surely has everyone gripped to Bollywood would be the fashion that our beloved stars flaunt at every second of the day. It is not just limited to special appearances on TV shows and interviews but has also stretched to almost any and every public appearance they make.

Whether it be going to the airport, spending some time with friends, or just about anywhere, Bollywood stars have to be extremely careful of what they wear and that they should always be presentable to look at.

This is where their stylist and PR managers come in, who help them keep a good profile with their actions and their fashion. And if you are wondering how stars are always so impeccably dressed, here are a few answers to that:

1. Designer Clothing For Publicity

Many of the times, designers will contact the actors’ team on their own, and sometimes the team contacts the designer in case of a big shot one. But the end goal is to have the celebrity wear those outfits and populate the name of that designer.

Especially at big social events with media present, where the celebrity will be asked what designer they are wearing that day, it guarantees a lot of publicity for the designer and in turn new business.

Most of the times Bollywood stars will wear such designer clothing to award shows, interviews, TV appearances and then return them. Designers will then sell them off on a high price seeing as how a big star wore them too.

2. Their Own Closet

The myth that Bollywood stars only wear new outfits every single day is one that needs to be let go of.

Stars are just like other people, meaning they too go shopping at malls and all, they too buy stuff and they too repeat outfits.

For their daily wear or while going to their shoots or meeting friends, Bollywood stars will usually wear something from their own closet.

And they have repeated their clothes many times, here are a few instances of them doing so:

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3. Personal Stylist

Coming back to my earlier point, Bollywood stars usually have a stylist that in coordination with their PR manager and team, creates certain looks of theirs.

These stylists are usually the one to contact the designer, decide which designer the star will wear in the first place, then create their outfit complete with hair, makeup, accessories, and shoes.

Many of these stylists also visit fashion PR houses, that have various designer outfits that are then loaned out to the stylist. These outfits are then to be returned once the star has attended the event.

Especially for times like when they are going to attend an event, if it might be one at a college, or their airport looks, all are created by their stylists.

Bollywood has actually started to really notice some of these stylists, increasing their demands in the industry, due to how fashionable and out of the box way they create interesting looks for their clients.

Deepika Padukone has had the most impressive fashion journey in Bollywood and is now considered among the best-dressed stars wherever she goes. Her stylist Anaita Shroff has been really applauded for her smart choices that have only enhanced Deepika’s beauty.

Ranveer Singh for that matter has not only been going up the ladder in his career, but even his fashion is something that always makes people turn their heads. His stylist Nitasha Gaurav has somehow always shown Ranveer’s quirky personality through his fashion.

Sonam Kapoor is another someone that comes to mind when you think ‘perfect fashion’. Her stylist, Rhea Kapoor who is also Sonam’s sister has, have to say, done an absolutely wonderful job at creating some amazing looks.

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