Gehraiyaan, the new Amazon original film starring Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Ananya Panday, is a perfect illustration of confusion and chaos. Though it is deemed a huge success film, the reviews are ambiguous and varied. The movie is a messy tale of love, lust, relationships, while also wanting success.  

The most probable feeling that everyone feels is ‘Why Is Bollywood promoting and romanticizing infidelity?’ Is cheating over someone okay in today’s generation?

While it’s common to not forget your past and live in suffocating relationships, openly cheating over someone, and love triangles have what Bollywood started normalizing. Being a GenZ, I can’t intend to grow up watching these movies glorifying adultery and disloyalty. 

Let’s look at some of the tweets which have mixed reviews on the movie, Gehraiyaan.



So, the whole story revolves around Tia inviting Alisha and Karan to spend the weekend with them at their Alibaug coastal villa once she and Zain (Tia’s fiancee) return to India. When Alisha and Zain meet, sparks fly, and they begin dating while cheating on their partners.

Alisha and Zain begin to see each other behind Tia and Karan’s backs, which inevitably leads to a slew of issues. They are also similar in that they both had a difficult childhood. Although he’s now in the fiancée zone, Zain can’t stop himself from flirting with Alisha all the time.

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While their relationship offers them delight, it also makes them feel bad for hurting their partners. However, it is more than you may think and the movie takes an unexpected turn at the end. Alisha then wonders “Are we screwed up people?” which she should’ve thought before making herself fall into unforeseen circumstances, which was quite obvious to predict. 

Deepika Padukone in the role of Alisha did a  highly compelling and emotionally driven performance. She’s magnificent, and the effect she had on me and other fans is indescribable. She has pulled off the most difficult last 30 minutes flawlessly. 

Ananya has the sass for the Gen Z she symbolizes, and with Gehraiyaan, we might be able to witness how far she can push herself if given the chance. Chaturvedi gives Zain a cheeky and dangerous edge.

Gehraiyaan was clearly keen in demonstrating that the person who takes what he wants is a representation of toxic masculinity in today’s era. When pushed into a corner, Zain isn’t beyond dehumanizing his loved ones and refusing to admit his lies.

Lastly, Gehraiyaan is a muddled film that sets itself up wonderfully at basecamp only to ascend the incorrect peak. The fall is not kind. Gehraiyaan is further harmed by the expectations that it has created while its trailer was out.

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  1. A bad taste joke, without the elementary logic of connecting with the audience, emanating from people like Shakun, Karan,Dar Gai,Apoorva unmarried, sick, who was joined by Deepika out of stupidity for money with her image and three weak young people in terms of acting. 1 hour and 48 minutes of advertising for bikinis and rudimentary scenes without attraction. Disappointing, disgusting, execrable.


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