Covid for sure changed a lot in our lives, perhaps forever. A cultural devastation occurred and now we are forced to find a way of living with more time to be spent at home. Online jobs, however, have given a great deal of comfort and for those who already used to work online, this didn’t impact much in terms of business. 

Here are some of the online work-from-home jobs that are most popular now more than ever.

Blogging – Even though we are well aware how much blogging has evolved from a part time hobby to full time jobs, we perhaps are underestimating its place in modern employment. One of the reasons for this is the lack of recognized courses about it in schools and universities. 

It has yet not been identified as a profession by the education system. Covid lockdowns, however, surely provided a boost to this part of the world. Now, blogging seems to be one of the skills every parent should add in their child’s education plans.

Affiliate Marketing – Second most popular online way of making money, Affiliate marketing is perhaps the highest paying one too. In various ways, affiliate marketing cannot ever be termed as simple hobby as it involves equal amount of effort and brain as a business does. 

You have to plan your audience, you have to choose your product wisely and then you have to find a way to make those leads which later you can convert into sales. Affiliate marketing is a full-time business and definitely a very lucrative one.

Online Marketing – In recent times, online marketing companies have gained their momentum once again. In no-Internet days, MLM was a very common practice, mostly cluttered with spammy salespeople who were going to fraud at the end of the day.

Now, it has evolved much more into an online affiliate-cum-referral scheme. Recent surge in search for companies like Jaa Lifestyle is evidence of their popularity.

Professional services – With platforms like freelancer and fiverr, professionals have found a way to make money without leaving their house anymore. With easy to use marketplaces available for free and at a very low per sale commission, a huge audience and targeted lead generation is available for them to exploit as much as they can. Online professional services have become another very mainstream job in the online employment world.

If there is one thing that is pretty certain is that Covid or other such variants are here to stay for long. So, if we do not plan our future based on the current situation, we might not be able to match up with what’s coming. It must be a part of every aspirant’s plan to be aware of the online money making methods and be sure to add it to their resume as well. 

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