Now that we’ve been recently hit by the second wave, we believe that the pandemic is over, right? By now, you must have visited your favorite cafe with your mates, packed your bags for a wonderful holiday in Manali, or chucked your masks off after getting doubly jabbed. 

Yet, little do we know that these teeny-tiny reasons are making us invite the third wave of COVID-19 in India. Due to our inability to battle against all the present-day odds, today, we’re adjusting our lives exactly like how we adjust the masks on our faces. 

But, what may be the possible reasons to call out for a third wave? Here are some common but genuine reasons to welcome the third-wave in our country. 

1. Not Everybody Is Getting Vaccinated

Despite being the world’s largest producer of vaccines, India has been unable to vaccinate the majority of its people till now. Over 36 crore individuals have been vaccinated throughout the country, with approximately 4.2% completing the dosage. 

If things continue to run at this rate, only 70% of the nation’s population will be completely jabbed by December. Lack of vaccines, unavailability of slots, and delayed process of execution are the main reasons for the slow working of the vaccination campaign.

Nonetheless, it’s high time we must take full precautions against the virus, no matter whether we’re vaccinated or not. 

2. Considering Vaccines To Be The Ultimate Cure

Even if we get fully vaccinated, we all must keep in mind that no vaccine is 100% effective against the coronavirus. So, how can one not expect to contract the virus even after two doses?

The chances are likely to be less, and the person can get over this infection really quickly. The COVID-19 vaccinations are only helpful at avoiding severe symptoms, serious illness, and hospitalizations. 

However, even if a person is completely vaccinated, they can get sick when exposed to the virus. Thus, it’s advisable to not toss off your masks and step outside your homes if it isn’t urgent till the pandemic ends.

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3. “Oh, The Mountains Are Calling!”

The shift from “no beds in hospitals” to “no beds in hotels” is a matter of major concern. The heatwave drove thousands of people from the plains to Himachal Pradesh and has made places like Manali and Kullu hotspots. 

Thus, with no RT-PCR or CT reports, the whole mass can suffer from COVID-19, if one gets infected. So, keep your wishes on your bucket list, and don’t let Manali go crazier with crowds of tourists and welcome more cases and casualties. 

4. Not Adhering To The COVID-19 Protocols

Are we so bored of following COVID19 procedures and taking measures that we’re willing to put our lives in danger just to wander and meet outside? 

Some of the most fundamental norms that we have abandoned include social distancing, masking your face, and sanitizing. If these modest measures are not taken now, they may result in fatalities across the country, and we will never be completely free of COVID. 

We can’t risk one more life and a year

We’re in this together

With faith but not fear

Do you think that the third wave will likely hit India anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sources: India Today; Financial Express; Hindustan Times

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