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How Anastasia Golovina has made her way as a leading PR manager


One is never sure of what the future holds for them. It is said that the force of passion is balanced by the force of interest, sometimes your life doesn’t reach your expectations, but these are the times when you must pursue a different road to your destinations. So while the digital age continues to expand, who are the people making the rise with it? Anastasia Golovina, who started off as a journalist in Moscow and now is a New York based PR manager, is a good example. The power belongs to individuals capable of shifting and influencing the public opinion.

Anastasia Golovina has done work far beyond her age of 24. She has established herself as a leading PR manager in the crypto space with a New York based agency. Initially, she aimed to be a journalist to be able to raise her voice on important matters of the world. Although she started writing for a prominent Russian newspaper, she realized journalism didn’t have much influence those days in her home country. So to increase her reach she started learning and writing in languages other than Russian, and soon enough she was offered an internship in the technology capital of Asia, Taiwan. This was when her life actually changed its course.

There, in Taiwan, Anastasia learned about new technology and was surrounded by tech people. In 2016 her friends introduced new Bitcoin mining machines and asked her to manage their social networks and create content for them. That was the first time she had heard of Bitcoin. She realised that technology is the best field for worldwide inspiration, and most of the entrepreneurs don’t grow because they remain unseen, and her work could help companies get international recognition.

Destiny for her was not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice and she didn’t wait for it. She switched her field to PR and started her journey as communications director with The Wordshop Academy, which is known for working with the advertising and branding agencies, television and video industry, and the art community. 

She loved working there, but her main inclination was towards the tech market, so when an opportunity at M&A PR Studio, a PR agency with a pool of tech clients presented itself, came around, she happily took the job. This was the time when cryptocurrency was taking its shape in the world of technology. That turned out to be the big break in her career where she worked on several huge projects including SingularityNET, raised $36 million in 60 seconds, Ripio Credit Network, also raised $37 million, and  helped launch WeWork in Russia and worked with other established brands. She was offered a job from Ditto PR Agency, which she took and finally moved to New York, United States. 

She says her background of a journalist in the past helps to understand the specifics of the job and has helped her in maintaining the PR-Journalists relations well. Being a PR is even more tricky than being a journalist because they don’t just have to reach the story and its source but also have to find a way to implement it completely in their client’s interest.

Anastasia’s work has proved a PR manager needs to train their mind to see good in every situation, her story in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is inspiring. She is passionate about PR not because she did not have failures of doubts but because she continued on despite them. 

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