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What Does ‘House Of Cards’ & US Presidential Candidates Have In Common?


By Kabir Chaudhary

2016 U.S. Presidential Election is around the corner and the series ‘House Of Cards’ has certainly been helpful in entertaining us and also making us understand how the government of United States is formed and functions.

So we at ED decided to do a comparison of the US presidential candidates with the characters from the show and get an idea on who could be the next President.

Ted Cruz = Senator Curtis Haas

US presidential candidates 6

Ted Cruz is an U.S. Senator from Texas. And we all know Sen. Curtis Haas from the show who basically summed up the whole US politics. Ted Cruz is a fatter doppelgänger of Haas but is totally opposite in comparison with ideologies and work. If they meet each other in the real world, the press would have a pretty nice time. Like two faces of the same coin.

Jeb Bush = President Garret Walker


US presidential candidates 3

John Ellis “Jeb” Bush aka. Jeb Bush is Former Governor of Florida and a businessman. In the show, Walker was about to face impeachment because of Underwood. Similarly, Bush’s brother may also face impeachment. And moreover, both have a controlled and simple psychological mindset.

Donald Trump = Frank Underwood

US presidential candidates 5

Donald J. Trump, is a business tycoon and chairman of The Trump Organisation. The ‘Ambani’ of US. Like the protagonist of the show (Frank Underwood), Donald Trump also craves for power. They both started small (for Trump, it’s a loan of a million dollars from his dad) and achieved great heights since then. Though Trump is Underwood because of the lies and money he uses to influence people for his gain, he is very much real and not a work of fiction.

Ben Carson = Freddy Hayes

US presidential candidates 1

Ben Carson is the most educated and an honest candidate in the race. While watching the series we noticed that all characters were expert liars, ruthless, pragmatist and untrustworthy, all qualities of a politician that Carson does not possess. Freddy Hayes’s case is similar as he was not into politics at first but when Frank Underwood made ‘Freddy’s BBQ Joint’ his secret hideaway, he did become involved indirectly.

Hillary Clinton = Claire Underwood and Linda Vasquez

US presidential candidates 2

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, is former United States Senator and Secretary of State. When you mix characters Claire and Linda together, the outcome is the birth of ‘not so old’, ‘not so smart’ Hillary Clinton. Like the characters, she was the first lady and had also worked with the President as one of his right hand in the State department.

Bernie Sanders = Frank Underwood

US presidential candidates 4

Now what can we say about Bernie Sanders, he is a left-wing leader and is practically incorruptible. Like Frank, Sanders is also from a small town and worked his way up to gain power and position. Both joined politics to save their city, from which they went bald, fighting ageing and hair fall.

Don’t forget to drop in your comments and tell us if you found the 2016 US elections to be the live ‘House of Cards’ because of the similar characters.

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