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New Delhi (India), September 26: Canada is one of the most attractive and frequent destination countries when it comes to education or employment opportunities. Millions of students apply for admission to top-ranked universities in Canada each year. Many of them are able to secure their seat in their desired university but it’s very common to get visa refusals and thus many of them are not able to get the Canadian Visa in their hands. Most of the candidates are clueless about – What to do after getting a Canada Student Visa Refusal. Many candidates have no idea and they always wonder – Why did my Canada Student Visa get rejected? Education Consultants or visa agents who apply on behalf of those students, they are do not work properly, and thus their visa application gets rejected. As an educated student, you must understand the whole process and always enquire about the step-by-step process of your study and visa application. Consultants sometimes ask for visa sop from the candidates only and they use plagiarized Visa SOP to make some changes and submit that. This is the most common reason for Canada Student Visa Refusal but it is never mentioned in the refusal letter sent by IRCC.

Those candidates who have good knowledge and understanding, always take help and guidance from professional sop writers who have expertise in visa sop writing and visa refusal. Experienced Visa SOP writers assist them in writing an exceptional statement of purpose for visa applications which gets accepted and the student is able to get their visa approved after refusal. Visa Refusal Experts have handled cases and made them successful in getting approval after 3 or 4 times refusals as well. Before talking about why students hire professionals after a Canada Study Visa refusal, we must discuss the reasons for Canada Student Visa Rejection Grounds. If you are also looking for assistance in writing an SOP for  Canada Study Visa Refusal after refusal, please read this article further till the end. 

Main Reasons Behind Canadian Study Visa Refusal

The increase in the number of applications has resulted in a plethora of Canadian student visa rejections. Most of these refusals are based on some common reasons such as financial insufficiency, chosen course and university, lack of evidence of leaving Canada after the termination of your studies, etc. If any student has received a rejection for a Canada Study Visa, then they need to reapply again with an extra emphasis on these factors. Some of the popular reasons for Canada Study visa rejections as per IRCC are mentioned below:

Missing Documents & Marksheets  

This is one of the very common reasons; where candidates or their agents fail to submit proper documents, marksheets, or certificates in support of their application which causes their visa rejection. You have to submit your documents in accordance with the chronology of the events to make the visa officer check them easily and you can also mention the order of those documents so that they can easily check them properly. 

Lack of financial support: 

Financial ability is another very important factor when the visa officer judges the candidate’s financial background which includes the candidate and their sponsors who can be the father, mother, brother, sister, or uncle of the applicant. Canada requires international students to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to cover their tuition fees, living expenses, and transportation during their stay in Canada. If any applicant is not able to prove this, then the visa application of that candidate will be refused. Hence, proving that you are financially sound and strongholds the utmost importance. You have to submit proof of funds and other financial documents like ITRs, Bank Statements, and supporting documents. 

Criminal Record: 

If applicants have a criminal record or are considered a security risk or a threat to Canada, then their application will be rejected. Police verification and clearance certificate of the applicant is very important and they verify the documents and if they find your record not clean, your Canada Visa will be rejected. 

Medically Unfit: 

An applicant’s application may be refused if their medical condition poses a risk to public health or safety. The Canadian Visa Authorities ask for a medical report to check whether you are physically fit or not. Canada has different weather conditions which can cause health issues for the candidates and for those who are already physically unfit, it will become very difficult for them to survive in Canada.

Fake Information: 

Originality and honesty is the key, if you are applying for a Canada visa, you should always provide correct information and they may cross-check the details to verify them from concerned authorities. If an applicant provides false information or withholds relevant information, their application will get rejected. Please do not use fake documents, degree marksheets, experience letters, or bank statements as they all can be easily verified and that also comes under the crime of forging the documents. 

Lack of ties to the country of origin: 

Proving that you are connected to your home country and will leave Canada after the termination of your studies is highly important to mention in your SOP. If applicants cannot demonstrate strong ties to their country of origin, then their application will be refused. To show your strong ties to your home country, you should provide details of your family background, their financial situation, assets and properties of the family members, and if you have a family 

It is important to note that each case is unique and there may be other reasons for a study visa application to be refused. It’s always a good idea to consult a trusted immigration attorney or immigration consultant for advice and support during the application process. 

You can also seek help and guidance from the SOP writing agencies as they are well-versed and highly experienced in dealing with refusal cases and they will help you to understand what parameters your previous application was rejected and what you need to do in order to fix it. You can also read this article on – SOP for Canada Student Visa After Refusal to have better clarity on this subject. 

Taking Help from Visa Refusal Experts after Canada Study Visa Refusal 

It can be a frustrating and disappointing experience when a student’s application for a Canadian study visa is rejected. In such cases, the majority of the students turn to professional SOP (Statement of Purpose) writers who help them in preparing and constructing a stronger application for their next application. Here are some of the reasons why students choose to take help and guidance from professional SOP writers after their Canadian study visa refusal:

Improved Quality of the Application: A professional visa SOP writer or refusal expert helps a student understand where his/ her previous application was lacking and what to do in order to fix and strengthen it. This helps to ensure that students must explain why they should obtain a Canada study visa as soon as possible.

Resolving Issues Raised by the Visa Officers: If a student’s visa was refused for specific reasons, a professional SOP writer can help them resolve these issues in their new application. This demonstrates to the visa officer that the student has taken the necessary steps to resolve any issues that led to the initial refusal of their Canada study visa.

Save time and effort: Preparing a study visa application can be a long, herculean, and complicated process. However, by working with a professional SOP writer, students can save time and effort and ensure their applications are as strong and healthy as possible.

100% Unique and Plagiarism-Free Visa SOP: Many students when working on their SOP alone, often copy-paste it from some other sources, as a result, it comes in the category of plagiarised material. But when they get help from professionals, they get 100% unique and plagiarism-free content which gets accepted by the Canadian Visa officer in an instant.

Increased Chances of Success: Ultimately, the goal of working with an experienced SOP writer is to increase the chances that a student’s study visa application will be approved. By providing guidance and support throughout the application process, professional SOP writers can help students best justify why they should obtain a study visa.

These are some of the reasons why students are seeking help and hiring professional SOP writers after their Canada study visa rejection. You can always trust Visa Refusal Experts to prepare a well-written Letter of Explanation (LOE) for Canada Study Permit Visa Refusal. If any student is not blessed with good writing skills or is struggling in writing on their own, then they are advised to get help from these professional writers. They will not only help you in constructing an exceptional SOP for you but will assist you throughout your admission procedure abroad. If you are afraid of getting refused or if you have got the refusal, then instead of taking the risk of writing it on your own, you must contact professional sop writers and get the best SOP which will be accepted by the higher authorities and you will be able to get the study visa much sooner than you may have accepted.



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