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Hey Katrina, Welcome To Facebook!


Katrina Kaif has made her way to Facebook, finally. (No, a hundred pages claiming to be her were not actually her) We are totally all over her Facebook page, and like us stand millions, and just cannot get over this gorgeous display picture.

The gorgeous Katrina Turquotte entered Bollywood in 2003 with her movie Boom, (which bombed at the box office and a lot of people would not have even seen it), and went on to become Katrina Kaif, the dream woman of a million men.


Then came Namastey London where she played the spoilt rich British brat, and oh boy did we fall for her! India had never seen such an exquisite face, and hell broke when she joined Salman Khan’s bandwagon. In no time, she was everywhere to be seen; advertisements, banners, and phones’ wallpapers (not even an exaggeration).

What bugged people the most, though, was that she never had a voice, never took a stand on any issue (whether right or wrong), and signed up mostly male dominated movies. But, she kept her privacy in her hands and constantly gave the paparazzi a constant run for their money, but HER LIFE, HER RULES.

She finally surprised everybody with her strong roles in New York and Rajneeti, and proved all her critics, that if the right role is pitched to her, she can do utmost justice to her character. And with Shiela Ki Jawaani, she made every woman wish she could dance like that Shiela.


The beautiful woman turned 33 yesterday, looking not a bit older than twenty-five, with a hugely successful bollywood career (and an ex like Ranbir Kapoor, WOW). To mark this day in her life, the actress decided to join the social media and made her debut on Facebook, and we couldn’t be more elated about it.


She always shied away from letting people intrude in her privacy and this is the first time she has come forward to interact with her fans on such a huge platform.

She posted a video of her, and her stupendous house, looking as serene as she always does. She even did a live chat (someone obviously did their homework, yeah?), and it has been liked by more than four million and eighty five thousand people.

We wish her good luck, and wish to see more of her all over our news feed.

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