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Hero No. 1 : Govinda’s Brand New Restaurant/Café, We Liv’ED It


Liv’ED It: It is an ED original style where we write about our personal experiences on experiencing and reviewing any app/place/website which gives us a feeling of coming back for more.

So this time, we narrate our experience at ChiChi’s brand new café/lounge/restaurant: Hero No. 1.

Hero No. 1 1
Funky graffiti of Govinda on one of the walls of Hero No. 1

Hero No. 1

Located in Rajouri, Hero No. 1 is a “one month old”, spacious restaurant/lounge/café/bar. The colorful interiors full of posters of Govinda teleport you to the 90s’ Bollywood. The quirky menu as well as famous dialogues all around instantly make you miss ChiChi in the industry.

How To Reach

You can take the metro and get down at Rajouri Garden (Blue Line). Hero No. 1 is 5 minutes on foot from the station. Or you can take your own car as parking isn’t an issue here.


Apart from the owner Govinda a.k.a Chi Chi, Hero No. 1 is known for it’s Bollywood-Masaledaar Interior..

Hero No. 1 2
Dialogues from movies of Chi Chi spicing up the interior of Hero No. 1 well as Menu.

Hero No. 1 3
The quirky menu of Hero No. 1

A variety of food items are available here with a Bollywoody touch! Since, it’s just been a month and noone really has tried all their dishes named after famous movies/dialogues of Govinda, it is really difficult to name specialities.

Although, from what we ordered I can safely recommend “Govinda Groove” and Chicken Nachos, or like they call it “Zordaar Nachos”.

What We Ordered

To start off, we ordered “Zordaar Nachos” from their “Yeh Toh Sirf Trailer Hai” corner. Alfredo Penne Pasta satisfied our taste buds from their “Italy Se Prem Che” portion and “Govinda Groove” (a mocktail) perfectly complimented all the yummy in my tummy.

Hero No. 1 4
“Yummy in my tummy” at Hero No. 1


To be honest, I did not find Hero No. 1 as appealing as it was shown to be during it’s launch. The interiors are amazing and the café is pretty spacious but it doesn’t live up to it’s name.

Hero No 1 5
Hero No. 1 is pretty spacious

The food was pretty average. It fails your expectations of how you perceive it to be on listening the names of the dishes. While the dishes sound so grand on the menu, what’s served is pretty average. In fact, you can find much much better food in other cafés in the very same locality.

Also, the worst part about this place is that they do not play Govinda tracks at all. I mean what even? Like, you build up the 90s’ mood by putting up Govinda’s posters, dialogues, graffitis on walls and you don’t even play his tracks? WUUUT.

Hero No. 1 9
Govinda, Govinda everywhere but no “Kisi Disco me jaaien jaaien, Kisi hotel me khaaien khaaaien”?

The only good part was that since we visited Hero No. 1 early in the afternoon, it was less crowded. And probably, that it might just be a good place to book for big parties as it is pretty spacious!

Value For Money

The café isn’t for days when you’re on a budget. I’d place it slightly above the other cafés in the locality when it comes to value for money.

Hero No 1 6
Rating on “value for money” for the bar here would again be a little high


Uhm, if you live somewhere nearby and are looking for cafés to explore..sure go ahead and visit it. But if you’re travelling from very far, just ‘cuz you heard about this place a lot when it was launched, I’d ask you to not waste your time. This place doesn’t live upto it’s name.

And for people who are already here and want a recommendation on what to order: Do try Govinda Groove, it has a very refreshing taste. It’s more or less like Fruit Punch made with Red Bull.

Other than this mocktail, Zordaar Nachos and Alfredo Pasta are worth a shot.

And hey, do get a picture clicked on the “Hero No. 1” bike on the ground floor.

Hero No. 1 7
Special attraction on the ground floor to woo people

Liv’ED It Score Card

Hero No. 1 8

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