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Do you also stay, work or study in Noida? Are you also tired of having over priced food from the malls around? Worry not, I have a solution for you!

Yes, that’s right. So, I happened to discover this cool hub of little food joints in Noida. (No, I am not talking about Noida Sector 18 guys! I mean that’s mainstream, duh!)

So this food hub is in… *drumrolls* Noida Sector 37! A sure shot visit worthy market for food on a budget!

Noida Sector 37

Like I told you, Noida sector 37 is a food hub and has several little eateries. Bistro37, Hunger Strike, and Teasta: The Tea Shop to name a few. You can easily have a good delicious meal here in a minimum amount.

All those broke college friends out there, fret not! Just visit Sector 37 already!

How To Reach

Travelling is a real deal in Noida and you really have to be a pro to know the locations of all sectors to drive around. So, the better option is to take a cab/auto and ask the driver to take you to Sector 37 market!

What We Ordered

Well, when you are given so many options why would you not have the best of all worlds? So, we ordered Chicken Tandoori Momos from Hunger Strike, White Sauce Penné from Bistro 37 and Caramel Cold Coffee from Teasta.


Honestly, I don’t understand why people die for Hunger Strike Momos. I didn’t like the momos which were served to us, I mean I’ve had better. Penné in white sauce was amazing! But the highlight of the day was that oh-my-freakin-god-iciously amaze Caramel Coffee!Overall, the market is pretty clean and less crowded. I’d definitely rate it high on value for money and definitely recommend it to all the college students out there. Because trust me, I understand the struggle.


I recommend you to go visit the market and try more food items as I didn’t try a huge variety food. Caramel Coffee is a huge-huge recommendation from me. You might find it a little expensive but it is totally worth every penny!

LivED Score Card

So, this is a score card from my experience. Let me know once you visit if you think the same!

Have any suggestions of places we need to visit and write on?

Let us know in the comments below!

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