From business to our lifestyles, the things are rapidly changing in today’s world. Last and the present decade is of internet and Smartphone. After having rise in the Smartphone usage the things changed completely. Those were the days when you pay just to send SMS to somebody. Now, we hardly send any SMS. Majority of the people use apps like Whatsapp, Telegram for daily communications. 

Similarly, up until now we were paying high for our dish connections . But fortunately we can eliminate those cost by subscripting various streaming platforms. In India alone, there are more than 10 OTT platforms available for national and regional subscribers. According to the Bhavin Swadas from Coupon Saturn, “If you plan wisely, then you will not need to take Dish connection. Yes, you will ended up saving huge on your entertainment expenses. Majority of the household in city area have broadband connections and Smartphone. So all you need is the subscription of your favorite OTT to settle the things.” 

No need to compromise with traditional and name brand channels only. The OTT gives you wide selection. Do you like horror, comedy or even suspense? The OTT is the best choice. Here you can choose from more than 20 different genres of movies, TV shows, web series and documentaries. So with the online streaming services, the sky is the limit and literally there is no end.

The OTT platforms is the superb choice, however sometime we cannot even spend that amount they are asking for. This is why I decided to prepare this content. If you are planning to purchase OTT subscriptions and don’t have enough money or want to get discount on your subscription, then you are in luck. There are so many ways you save over there. First of all, you should check sites like CouponStroller as they bring together all the different promotional offers, coupons and deals within the single roof. So it is easy for end buyers like you to save money on their online shopping.

Get Postpaid Bundle From Your Carrier

Do you know that telecommunication companies like Airtel, Relience, Jio, VI have bundle subscription promotions. If you purchase their prepaid plan, then they provide the OTT subscriptions from the certain platforms for FREE. If you are using Smartphone too often for the call, then you should think about this offer.

Choose Higher Value Plan For Discount

Most of the online streaming providers reward you when you commit to purchase higher value subscription. You will ended up saving up to 40% off the normal price. If you are planning to sign up for the long period of time, then you should consider buying yearly or even 3 year plans. You will save huge without need of any coupon code.

Smart Shopping To Save On OTT

eCommerce platforms like Flipkart runs the reward program for all their customers. Here you earn reward points for your every order. Once you have enough reward tokens, you can redeem it to get 1 month, 3 month or even one year of OTT subscription for FREE. The more you shop, the more points you will get. 

Final Thoughts

Well, there are so many other ways you save money online. Since it is going to be long article, so I decided to stop my pen here. Hope you enjoy this super saving tips. Do you know any other tip to save on OTT platforms? Please share it here. Let’s aim to save as much as possible on online streaming platforms like Netflix, Zee5, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, Voot, Shemaroo and many more.


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