Let’s face it, all of us have a fast-paced life these days. A fast-paced life obviously involves a lot of travelling. While most of us just call it a waste of time, I totally disagree.

Did you know that you can totally turn this boring travel time into a super productive time?

Here’s my guru gyaan on how to make your otherwise boring travelling productive:


I’m not kidding. Now, I know it might be super uncomfortable for people who have to stand in buses/metros/locals during rush hours but for the other a-little-bit-privileged people who do get seats, try it.

I have mastered the art of taking power naps in metro and trust me my travelling couldn’t get any more productive! (Oh btw, I do know people who can sleep while standing too. So, even if you don’t get a seat, you still can give this a shot!?)


Our lives move at a disorienting pace sometimes and we often complain about not getting the time to watch our favourite T.V. shows and movies. Now what can be a better utilisation of the time you spend travelling than watching your favourite movies and shows?

Download the TV series/movies that you’ve been meaning to watch all this while. Transfer them to your phone (Netflix/Amazon Prime work too) and don’t forget to carry a pair of earphones and you’re good to go.


This one never gets old. No time spent observing people around you is a waste of time, especially if you’re into something like stand up comedy or writing. Trust me, you’ll get a whole lot of content.

Also, good observations of our surroundings help in other creative aspects of life. Not to forget, observing people around you does help to take your mind off the other complex struggles of life.

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Again, modern times have made us prisoners of technology. So, next time you’re travelling and want to get the best out of your time, call up that friend and have a heart to heart conversation (always better than texting!).


And if you have the fortune of having that friend in the same city as you, just ask them to travel with you if they happen to live in the same locality. I do this most of the times and this way I don’t have to wait for weekends to hangout with my friends.


If you’re a reader, what’s better than catching hold of that book you always wanted to read and utilise your travel time efficiently?

Carry that book, a bookmark and you’re good to go.


So, I am a little bit of a lazy ass and I can never eat before 8-9 a.m. in the morning. I ALWAYS carry my breakfast with me and have it when I get a seat in the metro.

Serves dual-purpose, I don’t have to have my breakfast in a hurry and I don’t have to get late while doing so. I also sometimes have little snacks on the go, saves a whole lot of time.


More often than not, a lot of work gets piled up and we have to wait for weekends to get it done. Travelling can save you from this struggle of dealing with all the piled up work instead of chilling on a weekend.

Next time you travel, carry that report you have to finish or call up your laundry-wala bhaiya who hasn’t returned your white shirt yet. Complete your piled up work during travel hours and this way you can have the best out of your weekends.

So, these are all my tips and tricks on how to make your travelling productive and save a whole lot of time in the process.

Do you practice any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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