It is Shorotkaal and that could only mean one thing for Bengalis all over the world: Durga Pujo is here. After one full year of waiting like a starving soul, Maa is here in all her splendour and grandeur bringing along with her five days of absolute bliss.

However, there is this tiny factor of population explosion which makes it impossible for us agoraphobic millennials to get out of the home and stand in a long, sweaty pandal queue. But that does not mean that we will be bereft of the Pujo fun. Fear not, millennials of Kolkata, for this is your ultimate list of how to enjoy Durga Pujo without ripping the sole of your feet or dehydrating yourself from sweating. Get on board with this ultimate list of Durga Pujo specials in Kolkata!

1. Midnight cravings satisfied at JW Marriott

Every Kolkatan knows that pandal hopping is a tiring affair. Thankfully, JW Marriott has come to our rescue. At just INR 999 all-inclusive, the buffet will have a selection of quick bites and desserts that will keep you going through the night. The buffet includes biriyani, mounds of noodles, exotic continental dishes, a mouth-watering array of desserts and of course the quintessential component in any Pujo buffet: a wide paraphernalia of traditional Bengali dishes.

Durga Pujo specials in Kolkata

Dimer Devil, Gondhoraj Fish Tikka, Kumro Phool Bora and Bok Phool Bhaja will serve as appetisers; Kosha Murgi, Mutton Dakbungalow, Phool Kopir Kaalia and Rosogulla’r Dalna are up for grabs as the main course.

Timings: 12:30 am-3:30 am only from September 26-29

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2. Free drinks at the Vault

Say hello to Durgotsav at the Vault Lounge Bar. Ladies, rejoice, for its free entry and free drinks at the Vault on Saptami, the 27th of September. Guys, there’s no need to be sad for you can avail the unlimited drinks package at just INR 1095 all inclusive!

Durga Pujo specials in Kolkata

The party starts at 8 pm at Vault. Put on your dancing shoes everyone!

Timings: 8pm-late night, 27th of September.

3. Brush up on your Garba skills at Swabhumi

While Bengal celebrates Durga Pujo primarily, this state has never been one to sit back when it comes to secondary celebrations. Swabhumi, The Heritage Plaza, brings to you the Dandiya Mahotsava which is in all probability, the most phenomenal event of the year and the organisers guarantee that your feet won’t stop.

Durga Pujo specials in Kolkata

For more information call:


Timings: 6 pm onwards, 27th September.

4. Drink and binge at Hoppipola

There is no such thing as a dry day. Hoppipola totally lives up to its name and brings us a crazy menu where everything is priced at either INR 77 or INR 77+77 (exclusive of taxes). This tantalizing menu has everything from the regular Cosmopolitan to the exotic Long Island Iced Tea and a very tasty Malibu, among others. Best part? It’s valid all day on the 25th and 26th of September!

Durga Pujo specials in Kolkata

Timings: All day, 25-26th of September. Upto 8 pm, on the other days.

5. A tour of the traditional Durga Pujos in Kolkata

Far away from the maddening crowd and thematic competition, you can opt for a tour of the Bonedibaarir Pujo in the various Rajbaaris of Kolkata to get the true essence of Durga Pujo. This tour will span all the major traditional pujos in the city which have been in the show for hundreds of years now and is bound to take you to a different world.

Durga Pujo specials in Kolkata
Thaakurdalan: Sovabajar Rajbaari

The tour includes the famous spots like Rani Rashmoni Barir Pujo and Sovabajar Rajbaari Pujo, among others. Priced at just INR 2495 per person, the tour also includes onboard breakfast and a grand lunch at the Lalit Great Eastern.

Timings: Wed, 27 Sep 6:00AM – Fri, 29 Sep 6:00PM

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