NFTs or Non-fungible tokens became a viral craze sometime around last year. Although the fire around them has quieted a little bit, however, that does not mean they are entirely gone.

Around the time when the hype was a lot, several Indian celebrities and Bollywood actors had jumped on the bandwagon, probably in order to cash in from all the attention it was getting.

NFTs are essentially a type of digital certificate of authenticity that can be applied to any type of digital art. These include literally anything, video or audio files, memes, stickers, cartoon sketches, artwork, posters, social media posts you name it and it can be made into an NFT.

Using blockchain, the NFTs keeps track of the ownership of the items, whose data is stored on computers, essentially making them public and thus not easy to destroy.

There are several sites that are hosting these NFTs uploaded through official channels like Fantico or Bollycoin and Beyondlifeclub.

Amitabh Bachchan’s official NFTs are hosted on the Beyondlifeclub platform that he sold for  Rs 7.18 crore.

It included several things like vintage autographed posters of himself, the famous ‘Madhushala’ poem by his father Harivansh Rai Bachchan. The poem apparently was sold for a whopping $7,56,000 while $94,052 was selling amount of physical posters from his movies like Sholay and more that were autographed by Big B.

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On the other hand Salman Khan’s official NFTs are available on Bollcoin, a Bollywood NFT marketplace. As per reports around 20 millions were sold for around $2 million when the site closed their pre-sale in November. With these tokens buyers get certain benefits whenever they sell their NFTs on the platform.

Fantico is another site that hosts several NFTs of Bollywood and even older Indian celebrities from the black and white age.

Have to wonder if these NFTs are really worth the money considering many still cannot understand the hype around them and also given the amount of impact they have on our environment.

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Sources: Vice, Moneycontrol, The Economic Times

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