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Have You Met Pakistan’s Poonam Pandey? Qandeel Baloch


I would have never ever ever ever ( starting on a calm note) that I will get to hear Pakistani Sensation in a single sentence. But, yeah expect the unexpected in today’s materialistic world. People become famous for all the wrong angels (errr…I mean angles) and reasons.

It is a sheer surprise for me to see that a Taher Shah video might get shared a million times on social media platform, but a serious donor asking to save his life might not come at all in your News Feeds.

Such is the epiphany of life or the transcendence of humans into socially acceptable ones.


But who is this Pakistani sensation?

Well, her name is Qandeel Fouzia Baloch, who has become the new social media sensation discussing controversial issues and her daily routine. Trust me, she is the Rakhi Sawant (or Poonam Pandey) of Pakistan, as simple as that.

These people are really so fame-hungry that they can go to any extent to satiate their hunger. And if they don’t get it we know how peacefully they resort to it.

qandeel 1


She can be seen in various Youtube videos selling herself completely just to get the desired result. She promised if Afridi would get them a victory in WT20 clash between India Pakistan, she will strip for him taking his name with the utmost sensuality and sexiness.

Though it was a demand much too high, so as expected Pakistan lost. Even after this she did not stop as she did a video on Virat and a sensual dance for Indians 18+.


This Pakistani sensation even has her video take on Narendra Modi and then several others stupid acts followed in her channel that has got close to 30,000 subscribers.

One video on KKR and SRK too that again promises of doing something out of this world for SRK (read as KRK though).


Taher Shah, Pakalu Papito and now this Pakistani sensation, they have literally demolished the dislike button on Youtube.

Jawed Karim too might be forced to think of closing his creation down soon.

into mem


I mean what have some people in the world come up to. What is the point of doing all this? Do publicity, name, and fame matter over and above everything to you? Have you lost all dignity and respect just to grow a few bucks rich?

No, you are not mankind’s angels. I mean in a world which is already going through tougher times each day, aggravating the menace even more through acts of sheer stupidity and nonsense is what you call greatness.


Yes, we can boycott their videos and make them fall to the ground to where they actually deserve. But today what I feel is the mindset of the audience which enjoys shallow, random stuff more than sensible info.

As the marketing line goes,” What was not accepted 10 years back now becomes widely viewed within just 10 days.” And this is the dichotomy of life, it is here the battle of such people (this macro group of insane and idiotic people) starts and ends.


I do not see the world stopping to resort to such insane acts as long as the perception holistically changes and this madness is curbed. I know the excitement to look at it is irresistible. But, the more they views they get, the more money they make.

All I can say is that we have to learn to bear the unbearable. 

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