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Hate Politics? Here’s How You Can Be a Proud Apolitical: Be Like Larry, The Cat


You ever sat in a group of free-thinking radically opinionated people discussing their brow’s sweat away about the trending political agendas, and thought, “Politics, meh, I am not interested in all of this. Hmm, there is this itch on my back that I just can’t reach…”

Congratulations! You have “Larry, The Cat Syndrome”.

Meet Larry.
Meet Larry.

Google “Larry, The Cat” and you will be greeted with heartwarming pictures of the 10, Downing Street’s resident rodent-chasing hero, strolling around, napping, getting petted or looking out of the window with enough elegance to put Cheryl Cole to shame.

A rescue adopted to keep in check the rat-problem at the Prime Minister’s residence; he was much of a consolation to many British imaginations as a symbol of stability in the greater English Universe amidst all the Brexit chaos.

He is not the one to back down.
He is not the one to back down.

He will maintain his leadership as Britain’s chief mouser, regardless of Theresa May taking over David Cameroon’s office. He will be diligent about his napping duties on Downing Street’s antique furniture because any kind of political turmoil fails to interest him. Especially, since they don’t concern him.

Getting the chummy good vibes?

Yeah, you and Larry are apolitical.

Wikipedia describes you as being apathetic to any kind of political affiliations. That means, ideally on a lovely winter morning when the political world around you is collapsing, like maybe some military coup is taking over some democracy, you will be found sunning on a beach drinking diet coke.

You don’t care who is ‘ruling’. They are all cheating the people out of their money and running the states to the ground at the end of the day anyway. Apolitical.

Now, there are two kinds of apolitical people.

One, them who happily don’t give a damn about politics because they feel it’s inconsequential to care.

Two, them who sadly don’t give a damn about politics because there is too much to give a damn about.


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Before you start wondering what kind of political are you really, you must begin by knowing that being apolitical is an intensely political stand. It is not exactly being neutral, even though it requires you to be, you are considered as a threat to fruitful political progression. Even misunderstood as anarchists.

By choosing to be insulated, a lot of apolitical people might be misunderstanding that the neutrality of their choices facilitates them to readily blame it on the non-neutral ones. They prefer going with the flow, adjusting to the changing trends, and protesting only for popular causes. But by shrugging off direct participation totally, they might be compromising on their civic duties and responsibilities to be responsible decision-makers within a democratic hive. They are forgoing their freedom of choice completely, which is potentially dangerous.

No, I am not asking you to participate here, nor vouching that an apolitical approach to democratic citizenship is fallacious. Rather, if you are indeed apolitical, be educated about your stand.

TOI reports that a meager 25% eligible American voters turned out for the 2016 primary elections, with over 45% voters claiming to be independent/undecided/disinterested. Google apolitical and you will be greeted by a profusion of bloggers- American, Indian, worldwide- presenting a unanimous defense:

It is not that they are not attuned to their civic duties, nor uninformed about the ongoing political contests. They are not unaffected by global affairs, they keep track about the political climate. It’s simply that they’d rather enjoy participating when there is a worthy cause to vote for, rather than primarily voting against someone.

Apoliticals are choosing to be neutral because they feel disillusioned by the political system that has become a massive prank on its citizens. Hence, the distancing. Too many of these people are apolitical only selectively, they take stands on local issues, personal rights, vote too. They are not ignorant.

So even if they are sunning themselves on a beach while an empire collapses, they know too well why they don’t give a damn.

Larry can be very laid back because he will get fed, bathed, petted as and when needed, who does that for him doesn’t concern him. But if you are apolitical, as a human, you have to take just one step ahead.

You have to know who is controlling your food, your resources. It concerns you, it affects you, even if you don’t want to choose. Even if you just want your back scratched.

You cannot afford to be ignorant in this century if you want to keep your head above the water. There is no ideal world.
Other than, of course, if the cats take over the humans. Things will be much simpler then.

Image Credits: Google Images

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Brinda Sen
Brinda Sen
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