Today, the much awaited judgement over the validity of the Aadhaar Card was pronounced whereby Aadhaar was declared as constitutional by a 5 judge bench with 4:1 majority.

Being constitutional means that Aadhaar is not against the spirit of the constitution or any other legislation. The judgement further went on to read that Aadhaar would no more be compulsory for bank accounts and SIM cards, which makes netizens wonder, ‘Is Aadhar Actually Valid or Not?’

Despite calling it valid and constitutional, if it is declared as non-mandatory, it doesn’t help. This is because if even one doesn’t get bank account linked with Aadhaar, yet it has to be linked with PAN card which is mandatory to get linked with Aadhaar creating no difference and thus, the judgment does not bring any major change to the present scenario.

Moreover, the safety and security of data of people enrolled into Aadhaar is still in danger till any significant mechanism does not come into picture.

On the same pretext, the judgement is being mocked by various people over the net.

Let’s take a look over what makes the Aadhaar judgement funny.

PAN card needs to be linked but not bank account
isn’t it confusing???

The fact that Aadhaar is constitutional and not mandatory at the same time creates a lot of confusion for the common man.

Confusion is furthered by the statement in the judgement which allows those below 18 to walk out of this scheme at attaining age of 18. Now if Aadhaar is needed for PAN and PAN is needed for Bank Account…

Chai wala played well… Election Alert

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Can someone tell what exactly needs to be done?
That wasn’t fair enough
No Aadhaar, No Issues!!! But is that so???

The judgement stated that Aadhaar details can’t be obtained by private companies, but what if I have already given it to Reliance Jio? Was it a wrong move? It is again creating more confusion.

Aadhaar not to be linked with bank directly but through the back door

The judgement doesn’t reach anywhere, it just creates a lot of confusion. Now, only time can tell if it would be useful or would be like many of those judgments which go nowhere.

Sources: Indian Express, NDTV, Times of India

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  1. Thanks for your views but you seem to have a pre decided approach. Your comments on the judgment are not only childish but they create a sense of hatred towards the Supreme Court verdict. The points of utmost importance that is of privacy have been completely taken care of and the issue of PAN card relates to income tax. A PAN Card will surely not give access to any bank, of identity of an individual. If it does then it would completely violate the law. The pre given information as per my knowledge will not sustain more than 6 months to any given authority. Further clarification would be seen when the full judgement is out. So kindly don’t have a pre decided mindset and don’t try to create a sense of unrest.

    • You are totally correct. This stupid didn’t even talked about welfare schemes, which now mandatorily requires Aadhar. With Aadhar becoming mandatory in welfare schemes the beneficiaries of welfare schemes can precisely be identify, which would in turn allow direct benefit transfer happen seamlessly. Eliminating the middlemen and reducing the corruption. He thinks just by sharing memes he can connect with the youth and then tell them how to think, which in this case is – “oh its just another waste of time guys so the next time someone asks you about Aadhar, tell them it was a waste, cuz remember i shared memes with you and told you to say/think so?”. This guy thinks sharing memes is the only thing youth does now a days with zero understanding of politics, so to brainwash this millennial, talk in the language they talk in, which according to him is, language of memes. Btw i am class 10th student.


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