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The Guy Of My Dreams


By Samiksha Agarwal“I wanna grow old with you; I wanna die lying in your arms…”

Awwww!!! How sweet is that!! What a love story!!……Well guys, do you remember the story behind it? Okay, never mind,stop scratching your head and ask any of the Bigg Boss fans.You get an instant reply ‘Kushal and Gauhar’.

After watching such a live romantic love story, every girl out there expects her dream boy to be like ‘Kushal’-one who adores her, treats her like a princess, cares for her, spoils her like a brat and stands beside her,  in fact fights over petty issues and then makes up for it.She has been waiting for her love, her dream boy. She thinks he will knock her door and take her away and then what?Life will be a bed of roses; she will live like a princess in the castle of her dreams. Love is such a wonderful feeling who does not want to experience it? Ask any girl howsoever, young and immature; she will never  fail to paint a picture of her ‘sapno ka rajkumar’, her perfect match.

As a girl she grows up constantly in search for a perfect guy. A new crush every day and hence a new dream. Ask her anything and be ready for everything.Her dream boy looks like?Ranbir Kapoor?No no may be like Shahrukh Khan or like Salman Khan. God!! Height of fantasising!!

From DDLJ to Aashiqui 2, Bollywood movies have always given us a reason to wool-gather.The romance of these movies is so engaging and mesmerizing that no gal can resist from envisaging a sweet and passionate tryst-“ candlelight dinner, soft music, cool breeze, fragrant flowers and her prince charming holding her in his arms.”  Love is in the air!!

Everyone wants to fall in love, right? Why? Because that makes us feel completely alive where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, everyday realities  shatter us and we are flying into heavens. It may only last a moment, an hour or an afternoon. But we are left with memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives. Treasure? Really? I doubt the reality is something else.

Every girl dreams of a boy who can paint the canvas of her life with fervent colors diluting all blemishes and lackluster away but the hard part is turning those dreams into reality. There is no guarantee that she will find him. There is always an uncertainty associated with all the relationships, be it professional or emotional. Broken marriages, gang rapes, brutal murders, acid attacks, double dating, forced throttles and what not?

These are the headlines of our daily newspapers. And it doesn’t end here. The gruesome episodes of ‘Emotional Atyachar’ and ‘Gumrah’ add to our horror. Does this not devastate her dreams?

With today’s relationships being more of make ups and break ups, make outs and break outs, I doubt she still believes that ’Mr. Perfect’ will step into her life someday. With the sacred institution of marriage being bruised every day, I am afraid she is still dreaming and hoping. It’s good to dream, hope and believe. But let’s face the reality. In today’s time where a girl is scared to move out of her house after eight, where a girl is raped every single day, where a girl is hit by her husband; can she still hope for a perfect guy in her life? With so much falseness and nastiness around- are girls sure of the guy they are dating? Is there love, trust, understanding or its just “love, sex aur dhokha”?

All I want to say is that ‘can we still expect our dream boy to step into our lives? The fact is there is so much evil that it overshadows the good. This makes us think twice before getting into a relationship. You never know what’s going on in his mind, what are his intentions? You just tend to fall for him because love is such a beautiful feeling and because you are expecting someone to finally fall for you but if the reality turns out to be something else you ruin your life. However we cannot stop believing and hoping. Hope is what keeps us going. Don’t lose hope, check every bachelor out there and choose the best one, who knows you might find the guy of your dreams. Meanwhile, I will switch on my television and watch ‘Yeh Hai Aashiqui’……….




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