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Guiding People Through Difficult Times: Pastor Timberlake’s Mission


For each person, difficult times may vary according to their living condition, their emotional stability, or simply because of a bad season. However, recently we could all say in some form or fashion that we have had a difficult time. With the increase of Covid-19, and the measures for its prevention, we have found ourselves adapting to a “new normal”.

All this has forced us to change routines, customs, and even to transform in some way our way of living. Not to mention, the news of unprecedented economic crisis. What can we do in these cases? Despair can come knocking at the door of many homes, uncertainty even fears,  settle in our lives to make the whole process even more difficult.

However, there is another path, and it is towards this one that Pastor Timberlake hopes people will be able to choose. When it comes to difficult times, Tim knows them all too well. Some moments in his life have marked his journey in a problematic way, but it is precisely these moments that have led him to a path that he will no longer abandon: the path of Jesus.

The loss of his father at an early age sent  him into a downward spiral of depression and despair. He didn’t come out of it until his life was transformed by feeling God’s call shortly after attending Hampton University. At that moment, he knew what his path would be and transferred his studies to the Pistis Bible Institute.

Growing In Leadership and influence

Tim has faced different challenges and says the Covid-19 pandemic is no exception. However, his knowledge, experience, and ability to reinvent himself has allowed him to see beyond what the media is telling us, and pioneer a new opportunity.

For him, this is what the digital age represents. An opportunity to communicate his message differently with a greater scope of reaching people. Due to quarantine, Tim has remained as a constant voice of hope on digital platforms. He shares hopeful and motivating content for those who are in need of finding light at the end of the tunnel.

Sharing his experience and faith with his more than 100,000 followers on platforms such as Instagram, Tim has managed to convey essential lessons for those who have found themselves in a moment of despair throughout this season.

Patience Conquers All

“A premature arrival into a situation or season is always an arrival smaller than intended,” says Tim. This is why, for him, patience is a virtue that we must all learn to manage and take advantage of.

Tim points out that being patient during every season and situation while remaining constant in our learning, growth, and advancement, is essential.  He teaches his followers that patience refines purpose.

His messages are inspired by this elements of faith, hope, and love. But also, he tries to show people how to begin their process of change from the inside out.

These incredible insights have made Tim a popular thought leader, both on social media and other digital platforms.

He is highly sought after and currently in high demand speaking globally at conferences, churches, and  businesses. inspiring the people that everyone knows as well as the people no one knows.

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