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Things Not To Miss On Your Trip To Iceland 


Iceland – a Nordic land of ice and fire, active volcanoes and snow-capped sparkling mountains, Iceland homes one of the earliest civilizations which coexist with nature to create a lifetime experience for any tourist.

Here is a list of things you should not miss next time you go on an adventure to Iceland.


1. Snowmobile Tours

A tour up and down the ice canyons would be a once in a lifetime experience for a tourist. Iceland’s tundra climate combined with the glaciers and volcanoes sculpts the landscape in a gorgeous fashion. The rollicking trip on snowmobiles would make you feel it is holiday time both in summer and winters.

2. Hot Springs

Nature has bountifully blessed Iceland with hot water springs. A bath in the steamy hot springs from Hengill geothermal area invites tourist attraction every season. The geothermal pools are a haven in the cold weather.

3. Glacier Hiking Routes

Ice climbing and hiking trips across the glaciers and mountains would be an adventure you can cherish all your life. Ice caves and Golden Circle are famous for their hiking routes.

4. A Drive on Iceland’s Ring Road

Highway 1 is Iceland’s 832 miles long ring road surrounding beaches, volcanoes, fjords, craters, and glaciers. The road cuts across caldera fields, volcanic deserts and yet other picturesque natural wonders.

5. Waterfalls of Iceland

Because of the hilly terrains, we can find a number of waterfalls cascading with immense strength and majesty across Iceland and it would be a huge loss if you fail to visit the waterfalls. The major waterfalls to watch out for include Gulfloss, Haffloss, and Dettiffloss.

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6. Iceland’s horses

Iceland homes a unique hybrid variety of horses known as Irish horses. Irish horses can be rented from the capital city Reykjavik. The ride on horse backs will be an unforgettable experience.

7. Culture Tours

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you would love to get to know more about the cultural diversities in Iceland because the series has an origin in Slavik and Novergian mythology which is still prevalent in. Do not miss the A’s bar where you can meet the locals and have a cultural interaction.

8. Whale watching and Rafting

Whale watching and rafting are available at the Reykjavik harbour. Crossing the swift rivers on rafts and watching the whales jump up high in the air would change our perspective of oceans.


9. The Coastal are in South Iceland

Treat your taste buds to the Iceland made delicacies of fresh seafood. There are several Icelandic museums in the South which celebrate the culture of Iceland.

10. The Highlands

The highlands of Iceland were inaccessible to humans until recently. The untamed deserts, peaks, lush green forests, grasslands all together makes it a visual treat.

Voila, there’s the list of things not to miss in Iceland.

Hope it will help you come to this ancient country and enjoy the sunshine and the snow-caps to the best.

Image Credits: Google Images

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