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The grandsons of dushasan.


For the past five days the national news channels have surprisingly moved there cameras towards Guwahati- the gateway of north-east and the main city of Assam. It is not because Pranab Mukherji have visited the city last week, neither it is because of the floods which by God’s grace is under control. It is because of the atrocious act that happened on Monday night on the  GS road (Guwahati-Shillong road). As a concerned citizen of my country and as a sensible writer I will narrate you the entire incident without being biased but forgive me for my words as it may not be proper to share such words in this platform but I will.
On Monday night around 9.30pm IST, a girl was coming out from a bar in GS road with her friend. It was her friend’s birthday. The girl is aged around 17 yrs. There was a party and they had some shots and so they were a bit high. Two guys were outside that bar (one of those happened to be a journalist of a popular satellite news channel of Assam) saw these girls and treated them as prostitutes. A verbal argument happened between them and soon people gathered around that place. The birthday girl escaped but the other girl was caught by the people who gathered there. What followed after that was a scene that resembles Mahabharata. There was around twenty Kauravas pounding upon a girl, every one trying to snatch her clothes. The girl cried in vain as more people gathered. The journalist called his cameraman to the spot and the entire scene was shooted as if it was a Bollywood set. They called her “prostitutes in desi language” and everyone took out their cell phones to make a suitable MMS clip. This horrible molestation took place for 45 minutes and it ended only when the police arrived from the state police headquarters which was only one kilometer away. 
I want to ask all my readers some questions and I hope you will answer it in the comments:
1) Who are these guys to punish her? Her father? Her brother? Who are they?
2) Was the police driving at 2km/hr to reach the spot?
3) If I am wrong and the Journalist was not involved then why didn’t he stopped those guys rather  than taking videos?
4) Isn’t the standard of Journalism falling day by day?
Today after six days the progress of this case is:
1) The entire country became aware of this case and different personalities from different places condemned it. 
2)The state government had put a one member inquiry commission for the case.
3) Most of the prime accused have been arrested. ( apart from that reporter ).
3) The entire state has waken up and processions were done by different NGO’s and public has helped the police to nab the criminals.
What is your take on this entire incident?


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