Superstar Salman Khan recently filed a defamation case against Kamaal R Khan for “endorsing defamatory allegations” against him, and also saying that he and his brand Being Human are fraud and corrupt. Actor, producer and real-estate entrepreneur Rohit Choudhary has lent his support to Salman and said that it’s high time that someone put a full stop to all the rubbish KRK says.
He said, “KRK is a big blackmailer. He calls up actors, directors and producers whose movie is going to release and asks them go give him money otherwise he won’t give a good review. Also, he comments on everyone’s personal life and their personality. He doesn’t have control over his mouth, so it was high time someone tried to control his tongue. He has been attacking people personally and is not even sorry for that, so I just want him to pay for his deeds.”
“KRK doesn’t have a reputation to maintain and thus he tries to tarnish others’. He has not done any good work and is only known for his dirty publicity. He makes dirty videos, post, only for his publicity and to be in limelight. Like there are villains in a movie, similarly he is that villain of the industry,” he added.
Last year, Rohit too had files a defamation case against the self-proclaimed critic. Talking about that, he said, “He had put mine and my brother’s photo on his Twitter handle and called us ‘goons’ and ‘property mafia’. So I filed a defamation suit for Rs. 1 Crore on him. He has never attended a single hearing and even the judge too had given warning to his lawyer. Right now, he is safe just because of COVID. If the pandemic wouldn’t have happened he would have been booked in a non bailable warrant.”
“And now as Salman Khan has filed a case against him, I am sure he will make him pay for all the awful things he has said about him. He has our full support and may be together we can teach him a lesson,” he added.
Popular singer Mika Singh too has spoken in favour of Salman, and Rohit feels it’s the right thing to do and urged the government to take strict action against him.
“Slowly people from the industry are pointing out what he does. Mika also said that he doesn’t have any manners and that if he’s a critic, he should comment about the movies and not on anyone’s personal life. Earlier too he body-shamed Sonakshi Sinha and now he’s talking about Salman Khan for his age. He also used foul language for Being Human, So I want the government to bring back to India as soon as possible and punish him,” Rohit Said.

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