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GOT Cast And Crew Is In India To Shoot A Few Scenes, Pics Here


Game Of Thrones team has given Indians another joy by coming to Ladakh to shoot a few scenes. Just when GOT fans couldn’t stop talking about the release of second teaser of Season 7 came the news of the cast and crew shooting in Ladakh!

As a fan myself I still can’t fathom the fact that one of my favourite shows will have a few scenes shot in my own country, OMG! The CN Traveller confirmed the news and came up with a few leaked pictures from the set.


The leaked pictures show Kit Harington a.k.a Jon Snow and Emilia Clarke a.k.a Daenerys Targaryen and Nathalie Emmanuel a.k.a Missandei at Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh. The pictures also show a few actors who play the Free Folk or Wildlings posing for a promotional still at Magnetic Hill!

YESS, DANNY AND JON SNOW are finally together!! I am one of those people who hasn’t read the leaked scripts (and I don’t even intent to!). I am badly waiting for Season 7 to air, midst this seeing the most talked about fan theory come true is so exhilarating!

Although, no one is sure what exactly happened in the plot. The show has already made it clear that they aren’t exactly following the storyline in the books!

Another theory the leaked pictures point to is that maybe, just maybe Jon Snow has formed his own army with the Wildlings. And do you know what that means? The Starks are ready to attack King’s Landing!

Season 7 is finally going to have ‘Winter’ and ‘House vs House’ action! 

*heavy breathing*


Before India, the GOT cast and crew has already shot in countries like Spain, Ireland, Croatia, Iceland and Morocco. Having India added to the list is a huge-huge joy for all the Indian fans out there. And well, having our favvv Kit a.k.a Jon Snow breathing the same air as us is just beyond words!!

Also, apparently the cast and crew faced a lot of problems while shooting the scenes in Ladakh. CN Traveller reported that, “The shoot was disrupted at least twice on the first day: once by a bunch of tourists from north India who took it to be a shoot for Karan Johar’s The Immortals of Meluhaand then again by a fleet of Innovas that crossed the security perimeter and nearly drove into the frame.”

Reports by CNT also say that, “The crew also had to ditch their plans to use live, or “sync” sound, thanks to the constant thump of Royal Enfield bikes from the highway nearby.”

Well, we Indians are Indians! Can we ever stop embarrassing ourselves? No, right? So, that should sum it up!

Now, with the pictures up and expectations raised, I just can’t wait for Season 7!

In other news, UP Declared as a vegetarian state & Polar Bears land on Scotland!

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