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Google Top Searches 2015: Most Searched Everything This Year


When you are done scrolling up your stagnant Facebook wall for the umpteenth time, what do you do? Simple… You Google!

In 2006, “Google” was added to the dictionaries as the action of using the namesake engine to look up any subject on the World Wide Web. That’s how popular Google became! That beautifully simple blue-and-white search box has become the indispensable companion in moments of utter online joblessness – a most frequent event in the internet age.

But Google is watching your every move… It keeps records – and this search history cannot be deleted. Every year, a list is released by the company which shows the top Trends of the year.

Take a look at what 2015 searched for…

1. Most Googled Man: Salman Khan
Well, not surprising! Owing to the hit-and-run case, and the Blockbuster movies with the little girls, Prem Bhaijaan was much talked about this year. Personally, I’m not a big fan despite sharing a hometown. However… you can burn, you can snide, but you can’t escape the marvel that is Salman.


2. Most Googled Woman: Sunny Leone
Just saying… the first result you see for this search is sunnyleone.com the “desi” porn site. No wonder it’s the most requested query!


3. Most Googled Search: Flipkart
Yes, we use Google when we are too lazy to type ‘.com’. Also, Flipkart is easily the most popular site one will type; Facebook comes under the favorites!


4. Most Googled Event: ICC World Cup 2015
In India Cricket is not a Sport, it’s a religion. And when there is a world cup, there is a stir up – especially online.


5. Most Googled Sportsperson: Virat Kohli
He is hot, he is a cricketer, and now he is The Most Popular! The year has been eventful for the Cricket prodigy… with that single run in the World Cup which got blamed to his girlfriend, to the many victories throughout the year… Kohli was much sought after!


6. Most Googled Movie: Bahubali
When this movie was released, people literally died to see it. The entire country, especially the South, went fanatical: records were broken with cinema walls. We don’t even want to imagine what would have happened had Rajinikanth been a part of THIS film!


7. Most Googled Mobile phone: Yu Yureka
Micromax’s child company broke the internet when it released its jam packed mobile with a price tag that was easy on the eye. Everyone wanted one. But an unfortunate controversy with the OS company Cyanogen meant that production had to be stopped and people were faced with their worst online disappointment since Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sale. Even today, the potential buyer searches for this phone, but it is JUST Not Available… I speak with first-hand experience.


Google Trends is an annual release which shows traffic-generating keywords across internet. You can view this list year-wise for individual countries or globally.
See the list here.

Image source:  Google Images (duh!)



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