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Gloria Kloter fought hard to get her architect license granted in the USA and successfully became a masterpiece at architecture


Foreign Architects group was founded by her on social media, where she rose up by uplifting others in the process.

Due to her marital ties, she came to the USA in 2015 with her architect license in the Dominican Republic given to her by the architectural Board CODIA in 2011. She was convinced to carry on her architectural business in the USA as she did back in Dominican Republic with the same license.

Well, she wasn’t allowed to continue with her venture in the US, also, she was denied the ability to be called an ‘architect’ there.

Time turned out to be the worst in her case. She tried her best to transfer her license, but she wasted much of her time and money that didn’t even count in the process at the end. No proper guidance also made Gloria’s process even more tough.

Finally, she got all the required educational knowledge and experience verified and approved by NCARB and she was permitted to start taking the ARE exams, which are presently 6 in total and they’re now nation wide and not just local.

The exams were hard to crack and did take her several tries to get through them. She joined the ARE Bootcamp, which helped her prepare for the ARE.

After successfully passing all the exams,  she could finally apply for her architect license in Florida and thus became a Registered Architect in the US, which ultimately allowed her to start her architecture studio Glow Architects, a successful practice where Gloria is paving the way with a revolutionary approach on how women architects can contribute to the world of architecture.  

Gloria felt the actual need of guidance in the architecture licensing process, and thus she started mentoring immigrant architects. She was published in a couple of big news channels back in the Dominican Republic when she became the Architect Licensing Advisor for the State of Florida through AIA Florida, and that allowed her to get noticed by other immigrants who were trying to receive their license. 

She thus started the “Foreign Architects” private group on Facebook  and it slowly  grew to over 700 foreign architects who are now in the process or have finished their architect licensing journey in the USA.

This group is a resourceful community where she mentors and supports others who are now trying to become a registered architect in the USA. Also, people can reach out directly to Gloria for one-on-one consultations through WhatsApp.

The best part is that, even though Gloria is extremely busy designing beautiful buildings and spaces at her company Glow Architects, she helps other aspiring architects free of charge, as she believes that true leaders rise up by lifting others. We hope her a great future ahead.

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If you want to know more of her personal life, follow her on Instagram

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