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Getting To Know India’s ‘Angriest Man’ Alive


At a time when dissent against politically influential people is leading to ‘mysterious’ deaths, one man continues to protest against unfair rules and practices. Meet Paramjeet Singh Pamma, a 44-year old rebel who has fought against every possible issue – from inflation and religious discrimination, to rising cut-offs and political problems.


Actively protesting against mindless governance since the age of 16, he has now become the face of public agitation. Dubbed as “the angriest man alive”, one would not be surprised on seeing him spear-heading a strike. Indeed, it cannot be doubted as to why his name has become so well known to people.


He has not only expressed anger against national issues, but has brought people together to fight against unruly laws overseas as well.


He was recently in news for selling pulses and onions at Rs. 9 and Rs. 20 when the market price put the rates at Rs. 60 and Rs. 80 respectively.

Considering how badly inflation has gripped the nation, reducing the cost by such a big margin seems very impressive. By keeping in mind the inability of some to buy over-priced products, especially goods that are used practically on a daily basis, Pamma managed to hit two birds with one stone. He not only rebelled against rising prices, but also made available to the general public which was heretofore difficult to obtain.


His fight against racist attacks on Indians in Australia, against terrorism and anti-Muslim views, and against the French ban over wearing turbans have all brought him to the forefront of public protests.

He has also voiced his disappointment against the double-sided nature of our neighbouring country, Pakistan. He believes that one must be truthful, and wanting to be friends but attacking some part of India at the same time seems too complicated for the two counties to maintain a harmonious relationship.



He does not support democratic and jovial intercourse with the people in power – instead he passionately believes in delivering his message by bringing the issue to the streets, because that is the only language the government understands these days.

It is perhaps this very reason that makes him averse to any sort of affiliation with political parties other than the National Akali Dal group, of which is the founder and president.


Doubtlessly, inspiring hundreds of people to take to the streets and voice their opinions openly is no cake-walk. Yet Pamma has managed to this time and again. It is simply mind-boggling as to how one single man can be an inspiration to so many that people have actually been shaken out of their fear of political leaders to step out and fight back.

Pamma seems indifferent to any fixed future plans but promises to speak against any political, social or economic atrocity and dubiousness that may appear as a threat to the people of this country.

Needless to say, we need more people like him at a time when political bodies are becoming more and more immune to public protests.



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