2020 was a surreal year. COVID-19 changed the ways of our lives. Social distancing, video calls, masks, etc became the new normal. One of the biggest changes that was introduced was work-from-home. Due to restrictions in travel and social gatherings, people were forced to work remotely.

Sitting all day in front of the screens, munching on junk food, and not exercising took a toll on people’s health, both physical and mental. Many people reported having gained weight as a result of physical inactivity. The situation was the same at Zerodha, the Bengaluru-based Indian unicorn.

Nithin Kamath, the founder and CEO of one of the most popular trading platforms Zerodha, took to Twitter to communicate the path they took to increase fitness among its employees.

Employees To Get One Month’s Salary As Bonus If They Meet Health Goals

Zerodha will give one month’s salary as a bonus to those employees who meet health goals in an attempt to increase fitness. The employees are supposed to report their progress every month to create accountability.

But that is not it! There is one additional incentive. There will be a lucky draw and the winner will get 10 lacs Rupees as the award.

zerodha bonus

He then goes on to say that the move has inspired people to work on their physical fitness. “The transformation stories are super inspiring & pushing others to take action as well,” he tweets.

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zerodha bonus

He writes that health has a direct implication on work performance also. Healthier individuals are known to perform better.

The company will run the program permanently. Nithin shared this so in the hope that other entrepreneurs may also adopt this.

How You Can Improve Your Fitness During WFH

Your company may not be paying you a bonus for being healthy, but that should not stop you from achieving fitness anyway. Try to take 5-10 minute breaks after every hour to walk and stretch your limbs. Make sure that you sit upright on a chair rather than slouching on a couch or bed.

Avoid sugar and oily foods as much as possible. Eat fruits at least once a day, and never ever skip breakfast. These small lifestyle changes turn out to be very beneficial for you.

Now, no matter how packed your schedule is, find time to work out for 20 minutes to half an hour at least. There are a lot of apps that can assist you. If exercising is too tough, then you can try dancing or simple things like skipping a rope. It won’t only keep you in shape, but release endorphins too – the happy hormones.

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