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Every Gamer’s Playlist: Music That Makes Gaming So Much Better


By Kshiteeja Tomar

Almost all of us have played video games at some point in our lives and many of us still do. And it’s no shocker that video games and music have been nearly inseparable since a very long time. Music emphasizes the experience of the game. You have to agree: a muted game is not so much fun… A gamer can relate to the game more when what he is going through in the game is highlighted by a song’s beats and tempo. Many famous artists like Skrillex, Rihanna, and Deadmau5 have had their music featured in games.

The team of video games and music is responsible for taking us to an other-worldly level and giving us that Goosebump-ly vibe. So here is a list on one of the most favored songs from the even more favored video games…

Counting it down….

7. Mass Effect: Main Theme
Did the awesome electronic beats start ringing in your head already? This song is definitely one of the best theme songs ever and is sure to give you a ride to the future with its beats.

6. I’m not Okay By The Chemical Romance: Burnout 3 Takedown
It is not one of those songs which you’d generally find in a racing game but is definitely not one of those who’d make you miss your girlfriend either…unless your girlfriend is your own car.

5. Run this town by Rihanna: Battlefield 4
Although the game and the movie are no related, it wasn’t a really big surprise when a song by Rihanna was taken after the release of her movie with the same name. if dubstep and trap is what you like, this song is for you.

4. Move by Miles Davis : GTA IV
Remember the joy you received when you drove a stolen car across the streets of Liberty City purposely hitting the cops with it? Yes, it was this song which provided you with such Godfather-ly feels.

3. Survival by Eminem: Call of Duty Ghost
This classic Eminem song with rock guitars and trashy drums is enough to send your head in a whirlwind. The video of this song leaves nothing behind too, when you see Eminem rapping in front the game’s footage.

2. Alive by Empire of the Sun: FIFA ‘15
One of the catchiest songs in a game ever, this song is just made for you to sing along when you see your opponent trashed. “Loving every minute because you make me feel so alive”

1. Riders of the Storm By Snoop Dogg ft. The Doors: NFS Underground 2
Cars gliding across the crowded roads and heavy lyrics turn out to be one of the best combo when this one’s playing in the background. With Snoop Dogg’s voice in the back, one can’t help but try to sing along.

Out of the wide universe of games and music, we tried to list out what we think are the best music and game combos, let us know if we missed any.

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