What a glorious episode.

My god.

So many things to address!

Let’s begin, shall we?

(And for the people who haven’t watched it and are reading this. Why are you here? This is not a spoiler-free review.)


I was whooping and clapping throughout and my family’s testimonials will thoroughly prove that. Also, I feel it’s a bit unfair to call that a battle. An army of Dothraki and a fire-breathing dragon are no match for those simpletons who were nothing short of quaking in their boots at the very sight of the enemy.

But that’s what you get for ‘tickling the dragon’, am I right?

And don’t start with RIP Jaime, just yet, a’ight people?

I mean, sure he deserves it and all, the idiot. He probably thought he could jump-start his inevitable expansion into the Queen-Slayer business, but that was one hell of a cliffhanger, though.

The exact moment Jaime realized he screwed up big time, frozen in time forever.

But I guess all of it was still worth seeing that flash of fear in Dany’s eyes as Jaime charged at her. Reminded me that she is, after all, only human. And not invincible. And somehow that made her more endearing.

Also, Dany was magnificent, wasn’t she? I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing her swooping down casually on the back of her dragon, slaying her enemies, left and right. Absolutely majestic.

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Speaking of women who deserve the moon and the stars, ARYA IS BACK HOME.

Man, that one fleeting moment where she disappeared, scared me to bits. If she had come all the way to Winterfell only to decide it wasn’t home to her anymore, it would have broken my already mangled heart, to pieces.

But she stayed and Sansa knew where she would find her. And they reunited. In front of their father, which is apt considering that’s where they last saw each other. That was such a long time ago, wasn’t it?

Also, did I imagine it or did Sansa look like she wanted to trade notes on How To Hold Grudges And Kill People 101 with her dear sister?

And here you have Arya, gauging and matching Sansa’s every move, breaking out into a laugh because her sister thinks her ‘list of people she is going to kill’ is a joke.

She is trying not to provoke her because the Sansa she remembers wouldn’t have had the gall to feed her husband to the hounds and walk away smiling wider with every scream. Of course, in time she will realise that Lady Stark is every bit as ruthless as she is.


Throughout the series, I dismissed his storyline, over and over again. Because somehow, his sufferings didn’t measure up with what the other characters were going through. And suddenly, he turns into this deader than dead fading shadow of the sweet little guy we barely got to meet.

I think he’s gone, you guys. For good. That scene with Meera was fleeting but heartbreaking. And in a way, set the tone for the rest of his story line.

This image could act as an example and a reaction

The Three Eyed Raven is here to stay, spreading his emo and spouting off inappropriate conversation starters, albeit sometimes, intentionally. (Chaos is a ladder, remember?)

A few trivial pieces I noticed throughout the episode that deserve a mention,

  • Ser Daavos seemed right in his element, didn’t he? He kept up with his innuendos in spite of an unreceptive audience. Why does Jon have to be brooding all the damn time? The Night King isn’t waiting for you to crack a smile just so he can give a signal to attack you when you’re at your most vulnerable, Jon. Chill out, man, damn.
  • Dany asking Jon for his opinion is a big step forward. She doesn’t ask for someone’s opinion unless she truly trusts them, which is obviously only a set up for the inevitable. Because that secluded cave scene did not go over my head, okay? It’s coming, people. Ice and Fire shall finally meld, once and for all. Just in time for Jorah to come strolling in and realise he’s still as friend-zoned as ever.
  • Is it just me, or does this onslaught of homecomings have you on edge as well? Because honestly, I can’t remember an episode where the Starks’s laughs and smiles weren’t used as a set up for the calm before the inevitable storm. *sigh*
  • Who taught you? No one.
  • Also, how many times is Arya going to be stopped at the gate? How many times is she going to be mocked by the guards? Is there a meaning to this? Some convoluted theory we are supposed to interpret to gain knowledge of the past or the future?
  • It seems like the Lannisters might not be able to pay off their debts after all, eh? *tch tch*
  • Missandei and Daenerys gabbing like a couple of schoolgirls. Best. Ever.

Lots of things to look forward to, like the hell that will reign as a result of Cersei’s wrath. That will be fun. But that’s it for this episode!

Check out the preview for the next one:

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