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Galileo FX, Easy-to-Use App for Autotrading Forex Announced


Dublin, Ireland, January 5, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, Galileo FX has officially launched a new software application made specifically for Forex called Galileo FX​. The AI-based software was designed with a complex built-in market rules engine to execute complicated analysis without human intervention while helping users easily and intuitively automate their trading.

“Few people understand the current challenges facing the Forex industry better than we do, which is why we set out to launch an app that is able to benefit traders like Galileo FX ,” said the co-founder of Galileo FX. “Machine learning can eliminate human error and emotions, which is why most beginners unfortunately lose money when they start trading Forex”.

Galileo FX runs perfectly on any computer, tablet and phone through the leading free trading platform MetaTrader 5.

Another innovative feature in Galileo FX is its Advanced Stop Loss (ASL) feature – users can quickly set a Stop Loss value in points, making it easier to manage risk. “Developing an automated forex trading app for beginners and professionals requires intense collaboration and continuity of communication, which is why anybody can talk to us directly through Facebook Chat, unlike our competitors”.

For amateur and professional Forex traders considering a new auto trading app, consider Galileo FX . Want to learn more about Galileo FX? Visit the site at https://galileofx.com/. Galileo FX, a Partner that Delivers. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

Galileo FX trademark and the Galileo FX  logo are trademarks of Galileo FX

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  1. I paid about $800 for a forex bot that does not work. I have tried to contact customer service by phone, but vendor has no phone number and it is based in Ireland. I have written multiple emails, but I get very late responses and canned messages that do not address the substance of my question or requests for assistance. Galileo FX falsely advertises “automated” expert adviser, however, the user has to make endless changes to the inputs for trial and error changes that so far have resulted in ALL LOSSES. I reported Galileo FX to the the US FBI ic3.gov cyber crimes division for their fraudulent practices, I will also pursue Interpol and/or relevant European cyber crimes prosecutorial agencies because Galileo FX is based in Ireland.
    I just want Galileo FX to stop sending me dumb “reviews” and irrelevant messages and to credit back the $865.13 dollars charged to my account.
    BUYER BEWARE! Galileo FX IS A SCAM!!!!!
    Galileofx reps are threatening me with criminal prosecution, so I was forced to file another cyber crimes complaint with An Garda Siochana, Ireland’s police and security service.
    GALILEO FX is a ripoff!!!!


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