G Square Housing are Tamil Nadu’s most trusted realtors, offering their consumers the finest qualities of plots that too with multiple luxurious amenities. This combination of luxury and trust has propelled their success in the realtor sector in Tamil Nadu.

G Square Housing has been in the realtor business for the past decade. They are mighty popular in the Southern part of the country, and it is very difficult to miss their advertisements if you are driving along the roads of Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore etc. One of the reasons for their enormous success in the realtor business is their commitment to giving their consumers good quality plots with world-class amenities. 

After having visited multiple G Square Housing plots, we found that they give a high value to the location of the plot. The company believes that what is outside the plot is just as important as what is on the inside. We found that the company also has some impressive development plans for the plot, making them an even more investment-worthy option.

When we visited the G Square Housing Orchid Ville scheme in Neelankarai, we were extremely impressed with the location. The plots were close to the beach and still connected to the city. This would mean that the residents could travel to the city whenever required but not miss out on the serenely calm atmosphere near the beach. This gives them the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds.

We also found that the plot comes with many high-end amenities that are guaranteed to add a whole new dimension to the lives of the residents. We found that the development plans included various world-class amenities such as a reading plaza, hammock gardens, senior citizen pathways etc. The plot appears to be an excellent option for those with young children as it also includes a kid’s and toddler’s playing area. The plot also comes with a jogging track and yoga and meditation centres for those who value their physical as well as mental health.

Another aspect that works in favour of the G Square Housing group is the stellar reputation that they have built for themselves in the market. It is rare to find a company with such impressive goodwill in the realtor industry. The company also boasts a strong online presence with many favourable reviews on various search engines and social media websites.  

The company has also signed up with the former national cricket team captain Ms Dhoni. This will also add to the credibility of G Square Housing, as Dhoni is one of the most trusted names in the country. Considering how Ms Dhoni is still very popular even after relinquishing captaincy, this is also going to help G Square Housing and will introduce them to a wider customer base. This will also give more customers a wide range of high-quality realtor options.

What G Square Housing is very proud of is its ability to consistently make its customers happy. The company has a strong presence online and has multiple favourable reviews that further add to its credibility and make them a name to reckon with.


If you are looking for a quality home with luxurious amenities, we suggest you take a closer look at G Square Housing. Their affordability and reputation as highly dependable realtors will help you find your dream home.



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