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Axis Bank Hosts “Future Of Jobs In India” Event To Give Start-Up Models The Push That They Need

The "Future Of Jobs In India" Event by Axis Bank provided a brilliant platform to the country's talented youth and their start-up ideas!


In the era where millennials are predicted to be the largest workforce in the country, it’s up to them to create the most number of jobs as well and this was the sole purpose of Axis Bank’s Future Of Jobs In India event.

The event, which aimed to bring together some of the brightest and most innovative minds under one roof saw a national participation of over 20,000 people after which only 5 teams got to present their business model to an esteemed jury.

The reward at stake was Rs. 25 lakh along with seed funding for the winning team’s start-up idea.

The event’s prime attractions were kicked off by Mr. Akash Lal from McKinsey India, who discussed the future of jobs in India and talked about various aspects which could influence and affect the same.

Akash Lal at The Future Of Jobs event

After a few rounds of polling, it was revealed that most individuals believed that automation of jobs and the concept of artificial intelligence would be the most influential factors in affecting the number of jobs in the coming years.

It was also noted that robotics would be a major stakeholder in the determining the future of jobs, as a large no. of jobs are often automated, thus cutting back on human employment and highlighting our dependence on technology.

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Following that, the top 5 teams out of the 10 teams present at the venue were selected to present their business model to a esteemed panel of judges comprising of Mr. Amitabh Kant (CEO, Niti Aayog), Mr. Rajan Anandan (MD, Google India), Mr. Gautam Kumra (from McKinsey India) and Dr. Sanjay Misra.

The jury for the "Future Of Jobs In India" event

The ideas and business models put forth by the teams were extremely innovative, as most of them targeted at improving the agricultural sector and some targeted at improving the quality of jobs which are offered to people on wages.

The models were then subjected to questions by the panel regarding their idea of revenue generation, longevity, stability and the idea at hand which was the prime focus, along with securing the future of jobs in the country via that model.

After the questioning, the suspense was maintained for quite a while before revealing the winners as we got to witness a panel discussion featuring Mr. Rajan Anandan, Mrs. Shikha Sharma (MD, Axis Bank) and Mr. Rajan Anandan.

The panel discussion was highly engaging and informative for everyone as we saw discussions about the business models presented, the idea of entrepreneurship, mow most models targeted to improve the agricultural sector to ensure safety of resources, securing the future of jobs in the country and finally, the essentials of a successful entrepreneur.

All the panelists left us with a lot of inspiration as they motivated the crowd to be go-getters when they take up entrepreneurship and then told us to accept the idea of failure on the path of success.

This was further validated by the team who won the event, as it was team “Mi Color”, comprising of two Ph.D students Arjun and Vaishali who presented the idea of using organic microbes to produce color pigment and showing its usage in industry-level applications.

The idea, both innovative and boasting of a stable business model was declared as the winner of the “Future Of Jobs” in India and as promised, was awarded a seed funding and a cash reward of Rs. 25 lakh by Axis Bank.

You can catch team Mi Color in a Facebook Live video with us RIGHT HERE as we got to interact with them after the declaration of the result!

In totality, the event turned out to be a massive success in bringing together young minds and inspiring them to be some greater than themselves, as they worked for the greater good to achieve the goal of securing the future of jobs in India.

Furthermore, it provided a pedestal to the winners to go ahead and give life to their idea in order to make it a functioning business to further prove that the youth of the country is not just talented but highly lucrative and productive in its own regard and should never be underestimated, for it is the only the youth who safeguards the present and builds the future.



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