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Funniest & Stupidest Reasons For Deaths In The Past


By Kshiteeja Tomar

Dying a painless death is what everyone hopes for and dying in a weird way is not something anyone ever desires – no matter how famous or rich you are. Be it Elvis Presley or Jack Daniels, all these people never thought they’d die when and how they did.

We went digging into the past and made a list of the most freakish and remarkable deaths possible. Scroll down to rediscover the fear of death…
(Not for the suicidal or the weak-hearted)

Kiss of the Moon

Li Po or Li Bai, a very well known Chinese Poet, died in 792 AD when he tried to kiss the moon’s reflection by drowning himself in the Yangtze River. Surprisingly, one of his famous works was called ‘Drinking alone Beneath the Moon’.


Whisked Away by Whiskers

Hans Steininger was the man famous for having the longest beard during the mid-1500s. His beard was only around 4.5 feet long, but was enough to lead him to his demise… Usually, Hans kept his beard rolled in a leather pouch, except the day when a fire broke out in his home – and he tripped on his own facial hair and died of a snapped neck!


Safe as Death

One fine day, Jack Daniels decided to come to work early – before anyone else could arrive – so that he could complete some paperwork. He needed to use his safe but unfortunately couldn’t remember the password. Out of frustration, he kicked the safe with his left foot – which later got infected, and led to his demise.


Cane you, like… not!?

Apparently, dying of broken toes was a trend in history all over the world…
Jean-Baptiste Lully was a famous French composer who spent his life performing for King Louis XIV.

During one of his performances, due to excess enthusiasm, he hit his toe with a cane. The toe got infected and the gangrene set in but he refused to get his toe removed and died of infection. The best part: this performance was to celebrate the recovery of the King.


Choking on your own laughter

A Greek Stoic philosopher, Chrysippus died by laughing so hard that he suffered loss of oxygen. This way of dying is referred as death by laughter. Cause of laughter: he fed his monkey wine and laughed when the drunk donkey tried to eat figs.


Just say no!

Elvis Presley, a famous singer was found dead in his own puke when he had overdosed on 10 different types of medicines that no doctor would prescribe. Drugs are bad kids, just say no!

Daily Mirror Front Page17081977 Millennium Pages ELVIS PRESLEY IS DEAD Was King of Rock killed by drugs Elvis Presley Death 170877

The Flying Tailor

Franz Reichelt, a french tailor was also an inventor and a parachute pioneer. He jumped off the Effiel Tower when he tried testing the world’s first parachute on himself. It was no surprise that we couldn’t survive. There is also a YouTube video which you should check out.

So yeah, humans are a funny race… Since times immemorial, we have been doing stupid sh*t and killing ourselves – sometimes not very pleasantly. So next time you decide to take a risk, or edge towards the “coolness” of being reckless, do take some precautions…

This was about the past. Even today, people die stupidly. Check this out.

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