Disclaimer: Originally published in July 2019. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

The DU admissions every year are a back-breaking uphill journey for both the students and their over-anxious parents.

The kids just cleared their class 12 examinations and all-of-a-sudden land themselves in the haywire mesh of Delhi University. Many students are from different states and the deadly Delhi heat makes the already ‘exasperating farrago’ tougher for them.

So, I volunteered for helping my college with the admission process this year. With further moderation of marks and slightly dipped cut-offs, students (and their equally if not more jittery parents) flooded the colleges in the very first cut-off.  

Here’s bringing to you the craziest things we got to hear from the panicky and over-protective parents:

“Sifaarish Se Caam Chalega Kya?”

There was this parent whose daughter could not qualify for admission due to some reasons. The child was disheartened, but the parents more so. One of them asked the teacher on the desk – “Madam, sifaarish se kaam chalega kya?”

The teacher was baffled and asked the parent what he meant by that. The parent clarified sifaarish as in, written or in-person request to the “principal or registrar or someone”.

Ouch, the teacher didn’t know much how to respond to that kind of a suggestion.

The Improvised Version Of “Tumhe Pata Nahi Mai Kon Hoon”

I didn’t know that this thing still existed in the current era. But apparently, it very much does.

When due to some reason(s) their kids couldn’t meet the admission criteria, a handful of parents gave a shot to the age-old “tumhe pata nahi mai kon hoon” trick. Some parents were caught telling volunteers and teachers “hum iss job mei hain hum us job mei hain”.

Parents In Uniforms:

Then there were parents who went a step ahead of the ones in the second category. It was a bizarre moment for us to see parents in their respective professions’ uniforms.

There were parents in their police Superintendent uniform, military uniform etc. roaming around with an air of aura with their children around the college campus.

Dear parents, we respect your stature and appreciate your enthusiasm mixed with nervousness. But, understand that you have scaled the heights you had to in life, and now it is time for your children to shape their own lives.

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The Parent Who Is A “Teacher’s Friend’s Friend”

A parent came up to the teacher on the desk and asked if she could meet a particular teacher. The teacher on the desk asked why and how. The parent coolly told that she wanted to have a one-on-one conversation and she knew the said teacher personally.

How? Well, she said she was an acquaintance of the teacher’s friend’s friend.

“Hamare Bachhe Se Milvao Hame”

Parents are not allowed in the admission area and are supposed to wait at a place until their child completes the admission process himself/herself and returns.

But some over-impatient parents started to lose their calm and demanded to see their wards. Volunteers and teachers had to assure them that their kid hadn’t been kidnapped and would return after completing the process.

No avail. Parents and elder siblings started calling their children’s names, creating an interesting ruckus of students’ names reverberating around corridors.

College admissions are quite challenging agreed. But a little patience and lesser “sifaarish” requests from parents’ side and cooperation from the students can make the process lot less clumsy for all of us.

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