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Friendly Fridays Chapter 55: Actor Angira Dhar


This week on Friendly Fridays we have with us Angira Dhar. The year 2015 had especially been a great one for her with the success of YRF’s Web Series Bang Bajaa Baaraat where she played the main lead. Angira has previously been seen in commercials and was also a part of a very popular Travel Show called Beg Borrow Steal.

Let’s get started with our fun and friendly conversation with her!

26_12_2015_11_23_45Angira Dhar Smile Images

Team ED: How do you feel after this huge success of Bang Baja Baraat, in one word?
Angira Dhar: 

Team ED: Three words that describe you the best?
Angira Dhar: 
Adventurous, free spirited and mindful.

Team ED: What is the most stressful part about being an actor?
Angira Dhar: 
Doing justice to the role that you have been chosen for.

Team ED: If not an actor, what would you have taken up as a career?
Angira Dhar:
 Film making.

Team ED: Which is the one role that you admire of an actor in this industry?
Angira Dhar: 
Kangana’s role in Tanu Weds Manu: (Datto).

Team ED: Your take on the trend of web series gaining momentum in India? Which is your favourite apart from Bang Baja Baraat?
Angira Dhar: 
It’s only going to get bigger and bigger with time. My favourite would be Permanent Roommates.

Team ED: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Angira Dhar:
 If I tell you I would have to kill you.

Team ED: What would we find in the browsing history of Angira Dhar?
Angira Dhar: 
History of India

Team ED: What has been the maximum number of takes you have done for a particular shoot?
Angira Dhar: 
I don’t remember anyone losing their mind directing me yet, I hope I can uphold the repertoire.

Team ED: Given the chance to travel, where would you go?
Angira Dhar: 
To the moon.

Team ED: So this is a Rapid Fire, let’s see how well you perform here…

Bigg Boss: Waste of time

AIB: Tongue in cheek   

Night owl or Morning Person: Night owl

Books or Gadgets: Books

Bombay or Delhi: Bombay

Bang Baja Baarat: Opportunity  

Invisibility or Flight: Flight

High School Nick Name: Bagira   

Thank you so much, Angira, for giving us time. We loved every bit of this Friendly Fridays interview with you. 

With that, it’s a wrap of this fun-filled edition of Friendly Fridays. We will be back again next year, with some more fun and friendly chats. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

See you again next week, till then, Wishing all ED readers a prosperous New Year!

(Interview Conceptualised by Pratishtha Mahajan) 

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