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Friendly Fridays Chapter 28: International Golfer Jeev Milkha Singh


As part of the “International Sports Legends on Friendly Fridays” Campaign, ED chats up with 3 biggest names from the sporting world and this week we have with us, International Golfer Mr. Jeev Milkha Singh.


Team ED: How did golfing happen for you?
Jeev Milka: Dad took me to the golf course when I was 8 years old, presented me with a golf set and it all just started there. I had some great company, where I learnt, I’d compete with them, and subsequently fell in love with the sport.

Team ED: What’s the toughest part of this sport?
Jeev Milka: The Mental part. Its purely a mind game. Your nature, your attitude, how you shut yourself from the negative, detach yourself and just focus, it’s such a mind game. Its not a fast moving game, so you have so much time to think, and this is what can make or break your game. What you think and what you don’t think determines how well you play.

Team ED: What do you think before hitting a shot?
Jeev Milka: I just try and think of my routine and process. I try and blank out everything else. If we follow even 50 percent of that trick, we’d all be winning in this game. There’s a lot of negativity around, but it’s how you stay positive amidst it all.


Team ED: What all tours are you off to?
Jeev Milka: I’m off to 2 months on the European tour. After 2012, I had to take a break due to my shoulder injury, had to go to Germany for my treatment. But now I am back and ready to play at the European Tour.

Team ED: What would you have been were you not a professional golfer AND what do you like to do when not golfing?
Jeev Milka: I would’ve gone for the civils most probably or maybe done a professional degree like a doctor’s. When not golfing, I’m busy being a movie buff. I’ve seen Bhaag Milka Bhaag more than 10 times, not just because it’s based on my dad, but because I think its excellently made.


Team ED: What describes you the best?
Jeev Milka: I am just a common man trying to do my best at my job, which is to play golf.

Team ED: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Jeev Milka: Nothing too crazy maybe but I broke my golf club once as a kid, in a fit of anger. My mom warned me that next time I break a club, I would never get another one. And you see, we were good kids back then, so I never dared to do it again.

Team ED: What is it that has lead you to have 2 such mega legends in one family?
Jeev Milka: Just hard work and the deep desire to excel. It runs in the family. My dad is my best friend, he has lead me to become who I am. His influence and guidance has been extremely positive on my life.

Team ED: Have you tried racing your father ever?
Jeev Milka: Yes, as a kid, didn’t win then but now I am sure that I can beat him.

NEW DELHI, INDIA - FEBRUARY 27:  Jeev Milkha Singh of India with his father Milkha Singh the Indian Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist runner during the dinner the pro-am for the 2008 Johnnie Walker Classic held at The DLF Golf and Country Club on February 27, 2008 in New Delhi, India.  (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Team ED: One piece of gyaan for the youngsters?
Jeev Milka: Believe in what you want to do and yes, be responsible to stick by your decision. Don’t take the support of your parents for granted, and if they have given you a chance to pursue what you want to, then prove it to them, excel and make a mark . Don’t just say after 2 years, that you want to do something else now.

Team ED: Thank you so much Sir for your time and this insightful conversation. We hope to see you shining on the circuit and winning India some great laurels in the upcoming tours. 

Jeev Milkha: Anytime. Thanks for having me.

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So guys, see you around next week with yet another great sporting legend, and till then, Adios!

(Interview Conceptualized by Pratishtha Mahajan)

(Banner credits: Abhinav Jain)

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