By Ashna Vig

Amazon Prime video recently came up with it’s coming of age millennial drama titled ‘Four More Shots Please’. The show talks about the lives of four women owning up to their desires, complexities, and flaws.

It talks of female friendships that fiercely protect each other and how we all need that one group to come to with all our problems at the end of the day.

It dwells into the scenario of the typical urban Indian woman by representing the status of women and the dogma they have to face while competing in an all men land.

No judgment. No moral lessons. No man swooping in to save the day at the very end.  This draws obvious eye rolls and criticism from vulnerable patriarchs.

#1 Female leads spewing swear words all over the place.

Is it so hard to imagine women using cuss words?  The ample use of F-words in the show isn’t an over exaggeration of our daily usage. It’s the nutrition required to make it through the day and the show doesn’t stop at that. Keep a notepad handy for the protagonists bringing innovative swear words to the market.

#2 Female protagonists offending the patriarchy with their one-liners.

There’s a line wherein a frustrated girl contrasts men and condoms. “Condoms have changed. They are no longer thick and insensitive.”

While many might argue about the countable attempts taken at patriarchy, these jokes make up the 1% of our casual conversations with whatsoever no harm to the male ego. Guilty!

Please bear with us since the countless misogynistic dialogues in cinema get away with being called ‘demand of the script’.

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#3 Women and self-pleasure. Seriously?

The show attempts to ruin the naive female youth of the nation by raising issues like masturbation, sexuality, and desire. It presents female characters who know what they want and aren’t afraid to claim it. This goes exactly against the notions of females being perpetually hesitant to be the first one to take a relationship to the fourth base.

Gone are the days when newlywed brides used to sit still in the middle of the bed, patiently waiting for their male counterparts. The show makes sure that men no longer have to bear the sole brunt of keeping a woman’s sexual needs in check.

The makers have already teased the second season and we hope to see something better

*Sanskari alert*

Valentine’s came early this year. One can expect Bajrang Dal to approach Amazon Prime for showcasing the forbidden desires of an average Indian woman.

#4 There’s no place for flawed mothers who date and drink.

It presents characters who aren’t the perfect bahu (daughter-in-law), beti (daughter), or patni (wife). Girls who gulp down booze like it’s nectar and the ones who aren’t ashamed to relive their 20’s.

It delves in the lives of characters who are still being judged for dating guys younger than them, for being a workaholic and for not being the perfect size for an ideal husband. That too, in the 21st century.

It is in these moments that we need people who stand by our decisions offering nothing but a feeling just like home. It includes extensive and unabashed conversations about vagina and introduction of the ever so strong bisexual protagonist.

It’s time we address that we are flawed in ways that we don’t like. Sometimes, we do things that are against our morals and beat ourselves up for it.

The show in any way doesn’t provide leeway for our actions. It’s a journey of the four girls trying to accept their very selves and constantly finding ways to get through life with the ones they love.


A viewer who advises everyone to calm it down a notch.

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Sources: News18, Indian Express, TIMC

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