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Founder-CEO Rahul Dwivedi: Man Who Is Driving Business Acceleration Through Specialised Solutions


Wherever you may read or hear about him, Rahul Dwivedi, Founder-CEO of Pelorus Technologies Pvt.  Ltd. is described as “a business leader with over 17 years of experience in such varied fields as general & people management, organizational development, corporate governance, etc.” With such a wide berth of first-hand understanding also including the knowledge of specialized telecom solutions, no wonder that Rahul Dwivedi is the man to reckon with when it comes to on-hand business and security solutions. In this chat with us, he speaks in detail about what drives his passion for business and what is he looking forward to in the future –

Q – Was it easy to reach where you are right now?

Answer – To be frank India, a country that is home to 1.3 billion people, is not an easy market to take on. However, if you never lose hope and keep the focus intact on your ideas and work, you will achieve success and your idea will work. The mission was to create an organization where we had qualified professionals under one roof and give them jobs. My main aim was also to establish something which a person would like to do for years to come, something he or she would enjoy working upon. Unlike a job, when we think of doing something on our own, we work on our own vision, based on our own thought-process. Whatever good or bad we do, it is all on us. It was never like I wanted to be like someone else or something that someone else was doing. It was always about what I enjoyed doing. And in doing so, I wanted to create something for society per se.

Q – Tell us about your journey so far?

Answer – Being the Founder and CEO of Pelorus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and serving on the Board of Directors for Finacus Solutions Pvt. Ltd, life has been happening all along. However, my journey began much before that. I began as an intern with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for about a year. During that short stint, I was involved in designing a Low Noise Amplifier. Before Pelorus was born in 2009, I was with Reliance Industries for about 2 years, my last held position being General Manager for Sales & Marketing for Telematics product line & solutions. Before that, I was working as a Chief Manager for Western Region with the ESSEL Group (Agrani Telecom) in telecom & security. I did one more internship associated with the Solar X-Ray Spectrometer at the Physical Research Laboratory.  Today, being the leader at Pelorus helps me manage a dynamic career fuelled by my passion for technology.

Q – Were you always this mad about technology?

Answer – Technology is a world in itself today. In fact, scientists who are studying the evolution of the human species claim that the future of the human race lies in the lap of technology. Therefore, it pays to make friends with it early on. After I finished my Engineering in Electronics & Communications and PGDM in International Business from NMIMS, Mumbai, I have made it the goal of my life to use technological prowess to further the goals of my clients. My passion is reflected in the areas of specialization – People Management, Corporate Governance, Product Development, Organizational Development & Planning, Partnership Management, and Sales & Marketing.

Q – How was your journey into entrepreneurship?

Answer – Our beginning was small, though even today, we are not very big. I had become a General Manager by the time I was 29 and by the time I was 31, I had left my regular job and shifted to business. At Finacus Solutions Pvt Ltd we started with a relatively small size of the workforce and in Pelorus Technologies Pvt Ltd we just began with 4-5 employees.Throughout this journey, our focus has always been to create a niche market of specialized telecom solutions, business automation, and police/army/defense intelligence. We work very closely with State Police, Paramilitary forces, legal agencies – treating every agency as a different data source. To sum up, Pelorus Technologies offers consultancy services, basically turnkey solutions, in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing in solutions that we provide to the clients.

Q – Tell us some more detail about what you do at work?

Answer – Like other start-up founders everywhere, my morning starts with a black coffee! After that, it is time for my main mission, which is to ensure that my team is taking the right steps towards our collective goal. My day is filled with business meetings with my partners, managers, and stakeholders. I am a very hands-on boss because I don’t want my business problems to snowball into bigger ones. Therefore, I am in touch with my team and my clients on a minute-to-minute basis. I also love to meditate whenever I get time, especially in the morning. One thing that is a special part of my day is that before I wrap up my work in the evening, I like to write down my day’s achievements and also what I have to do the next day. This way, I stay ahead of not just the competition but my own self too. Besides, this practice also serves as a great reminder for me regarding where I have to go in life.



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