New Delhi (India), February 1: With the aim to empower women and make them financially independent, the leading preschool organization “Footprints Childcare” has entered a collaboration with the Haryana Institute of Public Administration (HIPA), Gurugram, under the aegis of the Government of Haryana. Through this partnership, Footprints Childcare is offering pre-primary teacher training to women to help them secure job opportunities in the early childhood education sector while also giving them the required skill sets to set up their own preschool.

The training program is designed to provide a holistic learning experience for women and includes various aspects including:

  • Active learning
  • Understanding developmental milestones in children
  • Conflict Resolution & child management
  • Effective mealtimes
  • The art of presenting oneself as a pre-primary teacher
  • Tips & tricks to track interviews.

The classes for 75 days training program are conducted daily between 10 AM to 1 PM and cover all facets of early child development. With a combination of theory and on-ground learning, women participants are given end-to-end training from basics to key insights that help them improve their success ratio in cracking interviews through this program. By setting a solid foundation for aspiring teachers, the training empowers them to truly make a difference in their lives as well as of their future students.

The purpose of coming up with this training program was to support women from all walks of life to become financially independent, which is being duly served. The skills attendees learn from the training will open doors to a realm of opportunities and enable them to achieve sustainable employment. Not just potential jobs, the attendees, through the teachings of the training, can also set up their own small enterprises by way of quality preschools and daycare centres. Moreover, with the availability of quality daycare centres, many homemakers will be encouraged to become independent and step into the workforce. Thus, the training program has a cascading effect in improving the lives of women around us and increasing women’s participation in the corporate and business world.

The brain is often referred to as the command centre of the body and is known to develop by 90% of children by the age 5, according to several studies. The quality of a child’s experiences, care, interaction, and nurturing provided by adult caregivers and teachers has a lasting impact on the child’s overall development. Through this initiative, Footprints Childcare aims to create teachers who enable students to channel their strengths and gain jolly experiences while learning that support their growth.

The positive impact created by the program is well-received by potential participants and authorities.

“We are extremely proud to tie up with HIPA to be able to help several women who are keen to make a difference in the early learning space. Equipped with the right skills, we are confident that they will enrich the space while carving a strong niche and financial stability for themselves,” said Raj Singhal, CEO of Footprints Childcare.

“I am extremely thankful to HIPA & Footprints Childcare for presenting this unique opportunity. This industry-leading training was extremely helpful & I am certain it will help me turn my passion for teaching into a sustainable employment opportunity”- Anju Kumari, training participant.

A renowned name in the early education space, Footprints Childcare is a Playschool & Daycare chain run by IIT-IIM alumni. The centre is dedicated to helping little learners explore and celebrate their learning abilities. The leading-edge Highscope Curriculum called ‘active participatory learning’ is engineered to help children develop necessary skills in a healthy, secure, and nurturing environment with a dynamic learning process. Having a presence in over 85 centres across 15 cities in India, the school has a world-class adult-child ratio to ensure personalised attention and child safety. The no-junk policy and nutritious meal plans for children, constructive and engaging environment, meaningful and & joyful learning experiences, 100% transparency with parents, and high security for students with live CCTV feed are some of the many perks that Footprints Childcare offers to each of their students that make it the leading choice for a parenting partner.

More information on Footprints Childcare is available on the website-



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