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Flux Pavilion: The Next Big Thing in EDM


Cranking up the speakers so that the windows shake and exploring the actual purpose of the subwoofer. If that defines you then rejoice because we are up with an exclusive review of Dubstep darling of USA, Flux Pavilion. Yes! He’s the hottest new property in the Electronic Dance Music Industry.



Journey So Far

Joshua Steele, better known as Flux Pavilion, has been a great name in EDM and Dubstep industry, since 2011 when he dropped two of the UK’s biggest singles of the year – “Bass Cannon” and “Superbad” and now he is in the top of the heap with a steadily-growing stash of bass-heavy singles and EPs.

Flux’s classic style of heavy bass lines and danceable beats are so comfortably familiar to his fans. His amazing execution and seemingly effortless experiments with other genres and an imaginative progression with style is also cherished by people a lot. Flux knows what he does best and he does it well.

In the journey, from his first EP in 2010 Lines in Wax to this last release Blow the roof, he has featured an inspiring mix of divergent bass music, with complimentary vocals of various artists including Childish Gambino, Example, Sway, P Money and Steele himself. The Flux music is always so live and full of sparkling innovations.


Top 8 Music Marvels

These are 8 tracks by Flux Pavillion, you MUST listen to. You will be hooked. I promise.

  1. Steve French (Album – Freeway EP)

The big kick drums and scale-racing lead guitar riffs clearly influence the kicks and synths on this track. The fast beat and high intensity is highly moving. The sound of the bass during the drop is unreal. Flux has incorporated a lot of his own sounds and feel in it, so panning from left to right, the high’s and low’s create an amazing effect.


  1. Bass Cannon (Album – Circus One)

Uncomplicated and immediately gratifying like a hardcore song, no track cuts straight to the one-note-wobble-bass core like this. Dubstep banger ‘Bass Cannon’ shows twisted audio experiments on research candidates by blasting them in the face with strong waves of sound vibrations, which blew back the hair of the people strapped to the chair.


  1. Do or Die (Album – Blow the Roof EP)

The fusion of hip hop, rap and dubstep creates an incredibly original, inventive track and will make you feel the need to constantly increase the volume. The bass drops are extremely well implemented and at about 1:20 mark, the track suddenly throws the pure dubstep into the picture.


  1. I Feel It (Album – Blow the Roof EP)

“I Feel It” is hard to classify. It has a steady beat, shimmering cymbals, bright synths, and best of all, keyboard fugues. Its cascading melody and funky “I Feel It” sample makes it a memorable edition to the list.


  1. The Scientist (Album – Blow the Roof EP)

“The Scientist” does have the signature half-time breakdowns and pulsating bass that made dubstep famous. Opening with an oriental string riff and a catchy verse from Flux himself, the song is instantly appealing. Fans will certainly fall for this!

Flux P 1 june 1

  1. Starlight (Album – Blow the Roof EP)

Flux once again lends his own vocals and lyrics to the track, continuing with the theme of extraterrestrial and cosmic elements. The brassy synths and nostalgic vibe have come to represent the signature Flux Pavilion sound, and “Starlight” is a perfect example of that. This track will send the bass lover into a space influenced ecstasy.


  1. Daydreamer (Album – Single)

Filled with the vibes of Example’s voice where singer never takes off EDM experience. The thing I like the most about this track is the bass line. Flux made the bass solid while the harmony plays and bass changes with the harmony. There is no “talking” bass in this song and that’s what I love about it. The drop is simple yet astonishing — even though it doesn’t hit hard as some ‘bangers’ but this still could easily contend with the biggest tracks of the year.


  1. I Can’t Stop (Album – Lines in Wax)

This song has every single thing a Dubstep fan is looking for such as great vocals, wobbles, melodies, breakdowns and dirty bass. The 5 minute of joyride has a great dope mix, which makes it worth the purchase. The earth shaking bass-loaded drops in the song will take you out of the world that even you won’t be able to stop!



Why Flux Pavilion ?

What makes him so impressive is the way that Steele toys with sounds and approaches that are already well-covered elsewhere, and then transforms the tracks into something completely his own. He has created a brand unto his own because you can hear that he really loves and understands the music he writes, and that’s a very special and inspiring thing. Therefore, past few months have been very kind to him and he has just completed 1.4 million Facebook fans.

Flux Pavilion knows how to party in more ways than one. It’s not terribly complicated, but it’s also nice just to see some dubstep that isn’t constantly trying to throw needless elements at you. The end result is some crisply produced exciting tracks that urge the listener to get up and start dancing. So, tuck in the earphones, play some flux music and enjoy the chomping bass.

By: Kartik Chaudhary




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