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He-Ma! Our Bloggers Fight It Over Hema Malini’s Latest Tweet On Pratyusha Banerjee’s Suicide


So the tweet by Hema Malini on Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide goes like:



Prateek Thinks Her Tone Might Be Insensitive But She Didn’t Say Anything Wrong

Even though Hema Malini’s tweet looks insensitive, it is also sensible at a level which cannot be interpreted by people who don’t have anything to lose. 9 months of labour, two decades of a servant like service and at the end what do you get in return? A suicide by your loved child? A mother’s pain can never be confined to 140 characters. Being a witness to my friend’s funeral whom I lost to suicide, I can very well say that a mother’s pain cannot be shared and a mother’s love cannot be confined.

Hema Malini was Angry and it was Legit

Just one stupid act and you’ve scarred your parents’ life forever. IMAGINING YOUR CHILD’S FUNERAL WILL GIVE YOU GOOSEBUMPS, AND EVEN HEART ATTACKS SOMETIMES.

Depression. Who doesn’t have them? And most of the times these days, even the reasons are so shallow and stupid. A twenty-year-old kid might be neck deep in depression and you may not know it even if that kid lives with you.

Depression is something which majority of the depressed population choose to fight alone. And why not, it’s their own personal problem. Ending one’s life might sometimes be the only solution which seems to pop up in the mind because it is a solution to not only end that particular problem but also all the problems.

But what goes without saying is that “Nothing is more precious than yourself and your family”.

Losing a person to an accident means that he died because of recklessness, whether his own or not. Losing someone to depression means that the person died because he was already dead inside. And knowing that your child was in a state of mental trauma is the worst thing and what’s even worse is that you were not able to do something about it.

The mighty catchphrase that rules the Indian society is “Chaar Log Kya Kahenge”. Before killing themselves people should think about how they are going to traumatize their family for a lifetime.

Pratyusha Bannerjee was a star. She had fame and money. There are young people who have none of what she had and are still surviving, trying hard to make it big. They are battling so much still not even once thinking of killing themselves.

By killing oneself depression doesn’t end, it just gets transferred from one person to another. And to someone real close.

Also, if a celebrity can write an outrageous tweet regarding hypothetical nationalism, she can also tweet something angry about something real.


Bharat Thinks That Hema Malini Should Apologise Immediately For Commenting Without Knowing The Situation

Let’s get some Hema Malini background. News reports in 2015 surfaced about how indifferent she was when her Mercedes crashed into an Alto near Dausa, Rajasthan killing a 2 year old girl and injuring other members of her family. As a people’s representative she is supposed to help the public at large from any inconvenience. But lo and behold, a two year old girl is left for the dead as she flees the scene to heal her wounds. Where is the sentiment of ‘life being God’s gift’ which she so perfunctorily communicated?

Then the land grab infamy. She was given a 2000 sq ft land in the Andheri suburb of Mumbai which was originally meant for a children’s park but the plan has changed and the ‘Dream Girl’ was supposed to pay a grand amount of Rs. 20,000 to acquire it to make a Dance Academy. Defenses include: Free for all dance academy, no case of land grab as she is yet to pay (lol) and that the land rightfully belongs to her. Actors, they say, are well paid.

And now the suicide tweet.

Let’s do a thought experiment. You’ve just lost your job, you’ve been scorned by your lover or your parents throw you out of the house. There is absolutely nothing that you can do to better your condition or sense of all pervading devastation around you and nobody you can talk to relieve your anxieties.The world is crumblingin front of your eyes. You’ve been bashed by life to the point that you start feeling thatkilling yourself is easier than to live, eat, enjoy and smile each day. There were emotions you felt, but emptiness prevails now. Such a sense of desperation is so acute that a gory task such as killing yourself is the easiest choice available. A person contemplating suicide has the most brittle mind than at any other point in his life. It is not out of a sense of ‘achievement’ that a person is driven to commit suicide.

Hema Malini, who is now 66 and a mother of a two, should realize that somebody who has committed suicide, has tried to ‘overcome all odds’ and because of this inability to do so,he has given up. She should also realize that she did not know the deceased’s predicament and in such a situation, empathy and decency are the most powerful words. It is nota ‘senseless’ act but a true picture of Hema Malini’s indifference and callousness. She should apologize immediately.

ED strongly condemns suicides and encourages people to weather tough times. Times will be tough, and probably the world is not nice to us all, doesn’t give us the reason and justification to take our lives and traumatize our family and friends. Everyone is fighting their own battles daily. To survive is human instinct! Remember: we are still better off, many others don’t have what we have.



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