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Blogger Shreshtha’s Views:

India Is In Dire Need Of An Extension Of Lockdown For The Flattening Of The Transmission Curve.

As the lockdown is mere a week-long now, it is crucial to understand the importance of it and analyse that it should be extended.

Lockdown Is The Key To Healthy Future

In an unprecedented move, the Prime Minister of India declared a three weeks long complete lockdown in the nation, on the night of 24th March 2020. It was a calculated action by the government to halt the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

To eradicate a pandemic, either we need prevention or a cure. Unfortunately, the vaccine for the virus seems to be demanding more time to get to us, so we are only left with the option of the lockdown.

Not An Assumption, But An Applied Measure

The lockdown enables social distancing and prevents community transmission of the virus.

China had to impose the lockdown for two months to control the virus transmission, which shows the necessity of a long duration of lockdown.

In India, the graph is far from getting flattened even after the 21 days lockdown. But if it hadn’t been imposed, the statistics could have been horrendous.

People need to be more responsive to this decision and understand the importance of the lockdown. This not only helps people avoid exposure to the contagious disease but also helps the government procure the essential medical infrastructure.

So, the lockdown should be extended until the declination in the COVID-19 cases can be seen.

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Blogger Mitali’s View: 

Extending The Lockdown May Seem Like A Wise Choice Considering The Current Situation But It Is Affecting Various Sections Of The Nation.

Schools And Colleges

On 16th March, the union government announced the closing of schools and colleges countrywide. Although students till class 8th are passed and upgraded to the next classes, examinations for students from 9th to 11th were postponed which will result in a delay in results and a greater delay in the beginning of a new academic year.

Students of class 12th are facing academic losses, especially students preparing for competitive examinations. 

Final Year Students

Life of final year students is at stake. January to April is considered the peak time of placement activities and amid the coronavirus pandemic, all activities are kept on hold. If the lockdown extends, the final year students may have to face a heavy loss in terms of time and opportunities.

Economic Collapse

For imports, India largely depends on China and even in terms of export China accounts for the 3rd largest export partner with a 5% share.

India is already facing an economic downfall. The economic collapse can be recovered now but if the lockdown extends, reports predict it may push the struggling economy off the cliff.


Due to lockdown, all sorts of public transport are banned. This has created huge discomfort for migrants and workers. Although most of the work offices are closed, sectors like banking and news are still working and transportation is creating a big problem for people who have to travel to distant places. 

Right now, it is debatable if the extension of the lockdown is necessary. Varied opinions are backed up by their own facts. No doubt that the government along with its various intelligence agencies are already working in the best interest of the nation. Now, we shall have to wait and watch.

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