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Cinema has always been trendy. There are two options that are the at-home movie-watching options or the experience of going out to catch a film in a theater but which is better?

Here, find out as our bloggers fight it out!

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“I think that Netflix is any day better because it is available 24/7.”  ~ Blogger Nivedyta Khanna’s perspective


It is true that cinema is a medium that is constantly evolving, and that evolution continues to be shaped by technological advancement. The current issue is that we are now seeing a quantifiable impact upon the status quo due to the fact that we are in a digital age.

I think that Netflix is better any day. Why would you choose to physically go to a theatre when you can binge watch TV shows or movies with a bunch of snacks and a cup of hot tea?

It is true that Netflix and Amazon are becoming the destinations of choice for high-profile storytelling talent.

In 2015, Netflix moved into the business of acquiring and distributing movies with the first project being the award-winning Beasts of No Nation.

The best advantage of Netflix is that you can watch on whatever screen you have. From a multi-thousand dollar home theater to a 4″ smartphone, you can watch movies or a single episode of a serial or binge watch all 9 seasons of the X-Files.

Streaming online has ensured that the audience only requires an internet connection and a screen on which to watch.

Well, economically Netflix is definitely better. It is a blessing that the subscription money or fees are regularly less than the cost of a DVD or cinema ticket.

You can’t ignore the fact that Netflix allows you to craft your own experience however you’d like. Netflix is a grand way to watch whatever you want to watch on-demand.

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“I think the community feeling in watching movies in the theatre is much better than binging Netflix online”. ~ Blogger Yogita Rathore’s perspective


Technology has advanced and these days more often than not you can spot people glued to their laptop or phone screens binge-watching a movie or a show.

Agreed that having entertainment just a click away feels amazing and is a boon really. However, I don’t think there is any substitute for watching a movie in a theatre for me. Definitely not all these digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

I really like the process of waiting for a teaser, trailer, music and theatre release of a movie and then making plans with friends and family to go watch the ones I find impressive in the trailers.

It’s not just about the movie, it’s about the community feeling of watching a movie in a theatre. No digital platform can replace that feeling for me.

The feeling of a group “oh”s and “ah”s in suspense, laughter on funny dialogues and silent tears on seeing our favorite characters die on screen is just surreal.

And then there’s the “no disturbance” environment that a theatre provides. For 2-3 hours, we completely forget about the real world and immerse ourselves in the story of the characters which again the digital platforms fail to achieve.

Moreover, theatre release on a whole is good for the consumers, businesses and the B-town.

Agreed that theatres are insanely expensive these days and that not all people can afford to watch a good amount of movies. But then again, there are all kinds of software theatres today and these theatres even provide discounted tickets a number of times.

All in all, I think the influx of digital platforms is great. Yes, even I binge watch a lot of shows but nothing, I repeat NOTHING can replace the experience of watching a movie in a theatre for me.

I think it’s an art form that requires an insane amount of group effort and viewers like us must reward this effort by actually buying tickets and watching movies in a theatre.

Which is your favorite choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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