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“Cabs are the reason why the concept of a designated driver will become redundant”

– Blogger Janhavi Sharma’s perspective


Buying a car is not only expensive but comes with a lot of baggage. Not only do you have to spend enormous amounts of time, money and effort in its maintenance, but also the cost of fuel adds to the burden. It even requires you to be skilled at driving.

Additionally, keeping a full-time salaried driver and finding parking spots are never an issue with cabs. These problems are a package deal that comes with owning a car.

Contrarily, cab services like Ola and Uber are not just conveniently available at your beck and call, but are economical as well. You save on the cost of fuel, maintenance and can commute from one place to the other with just the click of a button.

Location services, the availability of the driver’s details and the fact that these details can be shared with anyone, make it a safer experience.

Ola and Uber can be accessible to anyone with a smartphone (which is something almost everyone has in today’s day and age) and are income-generating mechanisms for people.

These cab services even have an option of ‘share’ or ‘pool’ where you can travel with multiple people at a lower cost.

These two giants have revolutionized the way of life for the youth of the country. There is no hesitation to party till 4-5 am, as these cabs are available 24*7. The concept of a designated driver will soon become redundant as drinking and driving are not an issue when you can ‘Uber’ back home, no matter how sloshed you are.

In conclusion, it can be said that cab services like Ola and Uber can be used by anyone and everyone. They are cheap and get you from one place to another in a jiffy, without any hassle and will soon make the idea of owning cars obsolete.

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“If I die in an accident, I’ll prefer to die in my own hands” – Blogger Rohan Bachhav’s perspective


I know riding in a cab will not always lead to a fatal accident but then again driving your own vehicle won’t too. When it comes to driving I am never comfortable with someone else behind the wheel.

The pride in purchasing your own car and showing up in it is indescribable and you control where your car goes and how you handle yourself on the road.

Driving for me is a different kind of high, no matter what kind of road I am on or how far the destination is, at the end of the day it’s very peaceful and fulfilling.

I understand that riding in a cab is good for the environment and all of that but you can always pool in your vehicle and not go in a car for short distances.

Having your own car is also very convenient when it comes to emergencies. There is less dependence on cabs and you are more independent.

There is also freedom to do what you want in your own car. You can listen to your own music, eat, drink (or even makeout) etc. Basically, things which are not possible to do in cabs like Ola and Uber.

Riding a cab feels cheaper at the moment but if you are a daily commuter then riding a cab is not at all economical.

No matter what they say in theory, the needs of one’s pocket often exceed the needs of the planet.

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