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In our latest edition, we talk about whether celebrities are right in using their personal lives to promote movies or not. We’ve seen the likes of Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan using their rumored love affair to promote their movie.


“It’s unethical, unprofessional, and highly stupid”- Blogger Anam Seraj’s perspective

The ‘masala’ that people have been deriving from the twisted love tales of these alleged “Bollywood couples” has been the sad reality of B-Town ever since the paparazzi happened.

However, the news of these “alleged” love stories brewing up right before the release of their movies is “co-incidentally” timelier than my food delivery guy.

When celebrities crib for people violating their personal lives and paparazzi stalking their every move, I feel sorry for them; I really do.

But when the same celebrities call the paparazzi to capture their airport looks or take the stage to confess their love for the “love of their life”, I cannot pick a side to believe and rely on.

While there is no denying that sometimes these stories are as genuine and humanistic as they can get, can we ignore the fact that the other times, these stories are well written and directed by the PR team of these celebrities, creating the right amount of stir in the audiences?

On ethical grounds, it breaks the trust of the million fans that get trapped in the cobweb of promotional stunts.

Even on grounds of professionalism, celebrities using their personal lives to promote their films shifting the entire focus on them rather than the movies that are the product of so many artists and technicians working behind the camera, day and night.

This shift in the frame gives them the liberty to deliver low quality work at high stake. Meanwhile, the actors who work genuinely on their scripts and deliver to the best of their abilities usually go unnoticed for they refuse to belong to the “creamy” layer of Bollywood.

While there remain exceptions and we are not sure about how genuine or candid the portrayal of these personal lives are, I am pretty sure there are still people left in the country who want to see good movies to appreciate the genuine work of the artists rather than be swayed into the theatres for the buzz they are creating in their personal lives.

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“Sab chalta hai”– Blogger Tanmay Mehra’s perspective

If you ask me, its bloody genius.

The fascination that people have with celebrities lives has always been exploited by these celebrities once they realized it could be capitalized upon.

I mean they do deserve something out of the constant invasion of privacy that they are subjected to just to feed our never-ending appetite.

Social media has made us even more involved in celebrities’ personal lives. Our need to find excitement in our lives via them is the fuel that makes this machine run.

So now, if stars use this ever-increasing interest in their personal lives to market and promote movies, there seems to be no harm in that. On the contrary, it should be considered an evolution in marketing and advertising.

I suppose you could argue that it takes away from the genuineness of the celebrity and breaks the organic bond. But wasn’t that the case anyway?

Celebrities have never, ever been down to earth you could connect to. Their public personas have been vastly different from their private ones. Each and every statement is made in an attempt to craft a carefully thought out image.

In other words, they’re as fake as they come.

So, let celebrities find newer and newer ways to market movies. After all, they need the money to get that 5th Mercedes they want.

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