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Their Activism Calls For Awareness



The constant cause of human tribulations has always had a teenage face who have effectively made their revolution be known to the wide expanse of our human universe. Although our world is no longer under the explicit shrouds of evil autocracies, colonizers or torturing regimes, it is still not free from all forms of evil.

Thus, with that context in mind, activists such as Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg seek to project that very same revolution against the slated form of evil. More often than not, this form of evil is propagated as metaphorical rather than absolute. Malala’s call to enable Muslim women to seize their right to study has inspired millions. No matter how much we debate about her right to the Nobel Peace Prize, her influence has been monumental. 

Greta at UN Climate Summit

Greta, on the other hand, although flawed in her understanding of how energy conservation works, has initiated the very necessary discussion concerning nature conservation. The question of how multinational companies exploit the environment was sparsely raised before Greta began to speak about it. She did not just speak about it, she spoke about it at the United Nations. Awareness is key to bringing about discussion, and discussion, invariably, brings about change.

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They Don’t Just Fight For A Singular Cause

Malala and Greta, both represent a generation that has engulfed itself in being more aware and active in the global political scenario. They have successfully become the same indomitable force that seeks to bring about change in every other sphere, unbound by their sole cause. Malala’s cause for enabling women’s education in oppressive cultures or regimes has been effective in bringing about significant socio-cultural changes which are not limited to women’s education. The cause paves the path for an egalitarian society that raises the standard of living for every individual irrespective of creed, colour, gender, ancestry, sex etc. 

Malala’s fight is for more than education in the Middle East.

At the same time, Greta Thunberg’s cause of spreading awareness beyond her sole repertoire of climate activism is known to everyone, especially Indians. When the farmers’ protests gained traction in India, Greta Thunberg was one of the first international activists who raised their voice to protest against the Indian government’s complacency. 

The plight of the farmers had thus become the inherent cause that the entire world spoke about and the government had rightly come under extensive international scrutiny. Even if we consider their hype to be unwarranted, it would be insultingly counterintuitive to state that their hype is not required. The many marginalized communities and the many who have lost all hope require their activism, no matter how we put it.

Varying loopholes



A kid from a Scandinavian country gets global media recognition and gets to speak on the UN Forum all within a matter of mere days. Is Greta working of her own volition, or is someone running interference? 

Chances are tilting towards interference as there has been a “deleted” tweet about the farmers’ protest in India. She had shared a Google document with lines dictating the course of action which laid down terms like “organise solidarity protests either at/near Indian Embassies, near your local Govt. offices or offices of various multinational Adani and Ambani companies”.

Top investigative officials’ initial probe into the matter suggested that she was paid to tweet regarding the farmer’s protests and had accidentally tweeted her toolkit. 

Malala follows a similar trend where she conveniently has blocked Twitter accounts, reported them and more importantly, has tweeted about very selective incidents. 

Cannot handle criticism?

No Action, Only Talk

Post protest for climate and recovery from the injury, these activists don’t walk the talk. Malala claims Pakistan to be a safe place for women and people of all religions while staying in the UK. 

Greta’s infamous “how dare you” speech led to sailing in a “zero-emission yacht” across the Atlantic. Funnily enough, it took 5-7 people to bring the yacht back, with emissions now being 5-7 times more than what would have been the footprint. 

Oopsies from Greta shows her hand in the chaos.

How could someone be the face of change and yet cheer on to some of the most damaging crop harvesting practices in India? How can one claim a country to be safe while she herself refuses to live there? 

The term that defines this is the “woke culture” of activism. If one wants to truly bring about change, being a part of the machinery for political propaganda is the last thing one should succumb to.

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