Back with another set of fun and thrilling events which are bound to make you go high on fun, the Finance and Investment Cell, CVS present their annual event FINESCO 2.0 on 24th and 25th October.

Venue- College of Vocational Studies

Time- 10 AM onwards


The FIC Prison Experiment

In this event, one would get a chance to experience what it takes to think, feel and actually be a prisoner while exercising his financial and economic skills to the maximum. Full of lies, deception and logistical thinking, the participants would need to acquire new skills and equipment to finally earn their freedom.

Date: 24th October

Time: 10 AM onwards

Venue: Seminar Hall, College of Vocational Studies

Stakeholder’s Meet

Discussion, Deliberation, and Consensus is the basic framework of a democratic setup. Two sides with two different viewpoints sit and decide the future. Finance and Investment Cell, CVS will be hosting a committee simulation between Economic advisory Council to PM and Monetary Policy Committee to develop the roadmap of the recent Output slowdown Conundrum faced by the economy. Those with a keen mind towards economic policy formation, this is THE platform for you.

Date: 25th October

Time: 10 AM

Venue: Conference Room, College of Vocational Studies


Bored of playing the same monotonous tambola at every family get together?

Fret no more because the FINESCO 2.0 team have added new flavours to the old and unvarying bingo. But something as good as that cannot be easy right? All your quizzing skills and your brand game will be tested because it will not just be a tambola but a BRAND TAMBOLA.

Date: 25th October

Time: 10 AM

Venue: Seminar Hall, College of Vocational Studies

For any queries, contact:

Arnav Kohli: +91 98717 73362

Chetan Chanana: +91 82855 28152

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