A new dating app aims to give you more options when it comes to finding love. This app is called FindingYou.

It’s a new astrology and scientific psychometrics-based dating app that gives users an insight on their compatibility with other users through astrology, Jungian Typology, and Big Five Traits psychometric tests, all set to launch in India. The app is set to disrupt traditional methods of establishing connections. The app is for everyone, not just for astrology lovers. 

As of now, the app is available in beta and will be rolling out in the coming months. 

Andri Lindbergs, a Luxembourg-based tech entrepreneur who is behind the project, developed the idea so that people can find their ideal match based on astrology and scientific psychometrics which is absent in other dating apps. 

According to him, “if you are looking for the deeper connection you will have the astrological and/or psychometric match scores available to you”

Skeptics are also welcome on this app. If you are curious, you can explore the compatible components, else just swipe and explore the other users as you would in a traditional dating app. 

FindingYou’s features go way beyond just swiping. Accessible chat rooms, personalised birth charts, daily horoscope, and manual compatibility (allows you to check your compatibility with someone outside of the app), are some of the impressive features of this app.

For those who are unfamiliar with astrology, FindingYou uses the most reliable, complex, and ancient systems of astrology (Vedic). This system is used for both individual natal chart evaluation, daily predictions, and compatibility assessment. The app also uses some principles from western astrology within the context of the primary system.

FindingYou’s CEO adds that in compatibility analysis “they rely on methods like Kuta analysis, Kuja and Shani Dosha, Navamsha matching, and various other methods. From western astrological traditions, we use methods such as synastry and composite charts.”

FindingYou uses the sidereal zodiac for both signs and Nakshatras. The Ayanamsha used is True Chitrapaksha. 

FindingYou wants to offer its users something meaningful and different from other dating apps. The app aims to foster a happy, more connected, and healthier relationship that has true value. 


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