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Finale: Handle with Care


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In the past few days, two of my beloved and favorite television series have come to an end, How I Met Your Mother and Raising Hope. Although HIMYM was, in terms of popularity and time-frame, higher on my list than Raising Hope, both of these series were close to me, and the finale of each was much awaited.

First off, I have to say that my feelings concerning the end of both these series was quite varying. Where for, HIMYM, I had a more nostalgic and bittersweet attitude, you never want your favourite shows to ever end, you know! But I had also come to terms with the end and was prepared for it to end and anticipating their finale. On the other hand, for Raising Hope, it was more denial for the end more than anything. I had known that the show was cancelled all the way from March, and that this season would be its last, but still, a part of me felt of more hoped that the producers would change their mind and keep it on. I genuinely loved that show and believe it was cut off too soon. I know, I know that there were a number of reasons for its cancelling, like low ratings, the creator Greg Garcia’s quitting the show, and etc. But its always hard to say goodbye to a show that in such a small amount of time becomes very special to you.

Ok, ok ,I’m getting off the point.

So…coming back to finale’s, we will start with the most talked about and controversial finale in quite a long time that is, HIMYM’s finale. I share my sentiments with a lot of the viewers in that the finale, no matter how anticipated it was, was a complete and utter disappointment.  Seriously, more than pissed, I felt disappointed, that such and amazing and incredible show, which managed such a successful run for 9 YEARS, which is a feat in and of itself, had such a disappointing and lazy ending. First they make the whole season to be about Barney and Robin’s wedding and how Ted is finally, finally over Robin only to turn back around and undo all that progress. Its just…makes me so angry. I won’t put any spoilers here, but, I get that the creators wanted to give the show a practical and realistic ending. I admit, that is one of the things I most admired about this show, how it was so grounded in reality and did not know any unrealistic settings.

But I also think that a finale is not supposed to be realistic. Its supposed to be nostalgic and bittersweet with that hint of fantasy and it should be such, that it makes you go back and watch all the episodes, starting from the pilot once more, if only to relive those moment that you maybe missed, or want to see them once more knowing what the ending is. In this case, in my opinion, one of the best finale that there is, is of Friends. Seriously, its amazing, and every time I watch it, it makes me sad that this show is no longer on and I go back and start the serious again and again. I can never get too much of it.

Also, we get that the mother was not a very important part of the show and that it was more about Ted’s journey through the years, but I still feel that they completely disrespected her. So what?  Was she just a way for Ted to get his marriage, 2.5 kids and white picket fence with only to get back with Robin when he had got all he wanted which Robin didn’t want and couldn’t give to him!!! And also, there were so many unfinished stories that the creators rushed through in the last 50 mintues. Instead of wasting the entire season on one weekend they should have showed more of the mother and how the main characters reached where they were in the actual finale.

Now, on to Raising Hope, this show…its such an adorable show. Actually, its adorable and yet, their finale, didn’t feel like a finale, its almost like there will be one more season and more of these characters. It doesn’t feel like the end.

So, I ask again, how important is a finale of any show?

I’ll tell you, its perhaps the most important part of the show, even  more important than the pilot. Because with the pilot, you have the next few episodes to get your footing, or change your style if the intial one is not well received. But with a finale…it is the deciding factor, which will decide how much the viewers want to go back and watch the series again. The continued support of the fans and whether the show will live on in the memories of the fans will depend on how the finale is.

The finale is like a fragile, fine china bowl, which should be handled delicately and with a superior precision. It should be handled with care, like a new born is dealt with. Carefully and with love.

Because one wrong move, can sour a viewer to the entire show as a whole.

So…keep in mind, finale- handle with care

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