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Faulty family planning caused huge losses to Bollywood



With every other movie claiming to have joined 100 crore club, Bollywood might appear as the only industry adding to the GDP growth of the country.

But a report by CAG (Celluloid Auditing Group) has claimed that the Bollywood could have earned much more if there were not too many children of star actors and filmmakers.

Karan (1994)

According to CAG, the presence of star sons like Uday Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Fardeen Khan, Tushar Kapoor etc. in films has caused a notional loss of approximately 1 lakh crores.

“Those are popular names, but in our report, we have factored in careers like those of Puru Raj Kumar, Vindoo Dara Singh, and others,” a CAG member disclosed.

The report by CAG suggests that Bollywood biggies should plan their families in a better manner.

“Rohit Shetty and Salman Khan should have born earlier,” the report points out. It lauds legendary scriptwriter Salim Khan for giving Salman Khan, but finds fault with him for Arabaz and Sohail.

The report has drawn mixed responses.

“This whole idea that dynasty can give direction to an industry is complete nonsense,” said Rahul Roy, the Aashiqui actor who was not a star son but gave a hit. Rahul supported the findings of the report and further rued that he was not picked up for Aashiqui-2, where lead roles were bagged by relatives of established actors and filmmakers.

“If it’s about earnings only, have these guys accounted for the earnings doctors in this country could realize after people visited their hospitals as soon as our movies ended? People buy more and more popcorn buckets to help them pass time in our movies, causing earnings to multiplexes. And what about earnings by the comedians who would be on road for lack of content if not for us?” Uday Chopra blasted the report.

“When all these figures are taken into consideration, I don’t think there can be a bigger contributor to Indian Economy as a whole than us,” the Dhoom 3 superstar’s nemesis’ sidekick claimed.

Meanwhile sources confirm that the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has been asked not to get into any such cost-benefit analysis of family planning in politics.



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